From stealth to murder.

I don’t need anything really.
Certainly not cutlery.

But I watch them eating and their forks are tantalizing.
The man drinks ale — good — that will make him sluggish.
The woman reaches for her iPhone — good — she’s distracted now.

I look to the left — no waitress.
To the right — no other clients.

This is easy, it’s time to act.

I d
          e and grab the fork

The woman screams, the man is soaked in ale as I add another shiny object to my stash.

It’s time to find a wife and go from stealth to murder.

For some reason I could only imagine a magpie in that tree, and we all know what magpies do best, I thought a little humor wouldn’t hurt after writing all serious stories.

Rochelle selects the prompt, and the bar. I just write and read. Join us drabbling 100 word stories every week.

October 18, 2017

58 responses to “From stealth to murder.

  1. Must admit I got everything but the last. Magpies steal shiny stuff, but only a collection of crows is called a “murder”.

  2. You have to love any member of the corvid family – much maligned over the centuries. I like how your magpie’s mind turns to women – hopefully he’ll find one who’s impressed by all the shiny stuff he’s stolen! Nicely done Bjorn

  3. Ooh, shiny! I really related to the magpie in this one. Although I admit to being a bit confused by the photo; in my world, the tree itself might have reached down to grab the fork. 😉

  4. I didn’t catch that murder reference at first until I read the comments. I look it up as I thought birds were flocks and found Crows are a murder; Ravens are a conspiracy; Magpies are a parliament. It’s so strange that they are all different. It made me think. A Parliament of Magpies were inquiring into the Crows’ Murder within the Ravens’ Conspiracy. So strange. I’ll have to remember this one. Love the story, Bjorn, plus I learned something new. Thank you. And the music was a very cool touch.

  5. Ah! The explanation at the end makes it much more clearer. Magpie attacks are very common here with the peak swooping season in September. Fun story.

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