Sleepless in October

it’s not rain
nor persistent wind —
autumn’s weight
is darkness
penetrating skin and veins
turning blood to stone

dressed in shroud
of moss and bracken
somber songs
from corpse lights
battle Morpheus’ calls for sleep —
sleepless in October

Dark Forest by Ivan Shishkin

I have often seen Shadormas from poetry friend but never tried. Now when Marian asks us for the form at toads it’s time to try my hands at the form. I will also link up to Poetry Pantry tomorrow morning.

October 14, 2017

35 responses to “Sleepless in October

  1. You have some pretty impressive lines here, Bjorn. I love the part of the poem about the weight being darkness and how you match that with blood turning to stone. Well done and viva la!

  2. This is a splendid piece. ‘autumn’s weight’ sent my mind in directions, I do not think it has ever been before – a stunningly and powerfully evocative image. And thanks, for the intro to Shadormas – a new form (for me).

  3. I love the title, Bjorn! I had a sleepless night on Friday – I can never sleep when my husband’s away. I love the lines:
    ‘autumn’s weight
    is darkness
    penetrating skin and veins
    turning blood to stone’.

  4. What I love about your poem is how the form does not influence the intention at all. The sombre mood of autumn is the focal point and the description is stellar.

  5. I am aware of autumn’s “darkness.” I call it melancholy at the edge. Maybe we don’t see it directly, but it is there all the same.

  6. My, it’s a bleak and brooding autumn you have up there! Here, it is like Spring only richer, with echoes of Keats’s ‘mists and mellow fruitfulness’, my favourite season.

    Aha, are they doing shadorma at toads? I must have a play!

  7. The door to summer is closing and winter is closing in. I’m bracing for the darkness and savoring the light.

  8. You’ve correctly identified the weight of autumn. It’s a weight I gladly assume after the glare of summer.

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