Color of sea

Some claim the sea is blue, but other say it’s green. I often see the sea as grey, when clouds obscure horizon and every sound crawls closer. On such days I feel the water pulling me, and I dream of bringing out my kayak. The sense of merging with the vapor, of being one with sea and sky, is something from a dream of mine. Often dreams transform to nightmares and I hear a foghorn calling as the shadow of ship approaches. Then I wake and hear how rain is knocking on my window, and I realize that I will wear my rain-clothes while bicycling to work.

after the rain —
the water surface mirrors
swirls of sea smoke

© Björn Rudberg

Tomorrow I host haibun Monday at dVerse. The theme is water, write anything related to water (or absence of water) Keep the prose below 150 words and let the haiku be seasonal and about nature. The pub opens at 9 PM CET.

October 15, 2017

30 responses to “Color of sea

  1. Though no kayaker, I love the ocean, and all bodies of water, and love this haibun. My ocean is the Pacific, which is indeed blue for the most part, deep blue and sparkling; sometimes turquoise in the shallows. Apparently the Atlantic is green, which surprised the heck outa me the first time I heard it. Just seems so WRONG.

  2. Here in the South Pacific the water can range from mid to deep blue, mixed with various shades of teal. Only in the deeper parts of the ocean is it a very inky blue black, almost the colour of what used to be known as indian ink. It does depend on your viewing point, and whether you are standing on shore or sailing though.

  3. I liked the rhythm of this piece, particularly the intro “Some claim the sea is blue, but others say it’s green. I often see the sea as grey.” And then at the end, I loved these words paired together “sea smoke.”

  4. This piece is outstanding, brother–every line rife with superb word-smithing–as you let the reader spiral from your dreams to the soggy commute, the journey back into the mundane workaday world; one of your best.

  5. It too love the colors of your ocean. I also love the dreaming quality of your poem. I don’t think I would be brave enough to bike to work in the rain. too many crazies around here driving to do that. I love the Atlantic ocean. I grew up with it. To me a pure blue ocean is just weird. I also like the sea smoke. I’ve seen that many a time in the winter. Gorgeous haiku at the end.

  6. Oh, lovely. I find I have echoed your haibun in mine. I’m on the Atlantic – sometimes it’s a dark, dark blue, mostly it’s grey – sometimes with a hint of green. Sometimes it’s almost purple. I love living near the sea. I don’t think I could bear to live inland.

  7. A gorgeous haibun, Bjorn, and a wonderful idea to debate the colour of the sea, I get a sense of movement and love the description of dream and nightmare. The haiku is like foam on the water.

  8. The sea is often grey where I live, especially this year with summer wearing her raincoat.
    She (the sea) fascinates me and I am drawn to her and she seems to beg me to enter.
    All that aside – I love your words!
    Anna :o]

  9. very nice Bjorn – I like how the piece changes from dream to nightmare – which lingers through the remainder and on into the haiku – as if the nightmare were anticipating your ride to work.

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  11. I think the sea is definitely different colours in different places. It always seemed so very blue in the Greek Isles whereas here it is often murky as mist. I like the Seasmoke too.

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