Being family

We’ll chain your hopes
        to outpoured milk
and burn your laughter
        with small disasters.
Being mother means
        to be smothered with silk
Because you’re our slave
        and we are masters.

Be strong, be brave
        stand-up to thunder,
we’ll suck you boneless,
        we are your family.
Come mother dance for us
        and do it happily
Obey or we’ll leave your
        body six feet under.

Hope in Prison by Edward Burne-Jones

A short poem for Marian at toads after the video by S:t Vincent

October 12, 2017

15 responses to “Being family

  1. Hah. Well, you know, I don’t feel that my family is *actually* trying to kill me but… appreciate nonetheless. 🙂 Stand up to thunder! That is some strength.

  2. I really enjoyed the opening to this poem,
    “We’ll chain your hopes
    to outpoured milk
    and burn your laughter
    with small disasters.”
    It has a wonderful rhythm to it.

  3. I concur with Vivienne: I’m glad I’m not the matriarch of this clan. A shuddersome piece – hauntingly rendered.

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