Button sighs unsated

A button bold anti-
cipated stiff.
Streams in stars and silence.
It’s important even if
a darkly tear of more
(or evidence of welcomes).

Of broken laps, bones
and in its laughter thin.
Is evermore; is sullen said.
No or never think unpaid
stated stale (if frowned upon)

Yet in sinking, yes
and maybe so —
she inhales its darkness asking;
“Is it done or less?”
But therein lies its sighs unsated

Evidence of a Pledged Dream © Chicote CFC Fair Use

Paul hosts dVersetonight and want us to throw grammar overboard with inspiration from Gertrude Stein and ee cummings. Join us from 3PM EST.

October 3, 2017

30 responses to “Button sighs unsated

  1. You soar in the absurdist rarified air, brother; really got me ramped up to tackle pummeling grammar, and letting loose the dogs of madness. I like your lines /yet in sinking, yes/and maybe so/.

  2. “she inhales its darkness” This is spot-on realism — grammar be damned — and we all know what it feels like… or will before it’s all over.

  3. I absolutely adore the thought of a button going unsated because he can’t get into that hole. 🙂

    So I read this as being about a guy paying a prostitute for services. At the end, I hear her asking if he’s done or if he has more deviance in mind.

    Lies its size unsated … he has a big penis, and he has more he wants to do with it. :X

    But I’m probably misreading.

  4. This was an interesting challenge by Paul. I suspect you’ve nailed it here…,much more to his intent than what I did. I love the actual sound of the title. I can kind of roll it around on my tongue…and it sparks the interest.

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