Not yet black ice

October has arrived and for every day the mornings grow darker. I know that soon it’s time for the first frost. Not the sweet touch of cold painting maple leaves, nor the hoarfrost breathing crystals on the withered grass. No I’m on my watch for the first black ice morning. That morning I need vigilance and caution not to fall. Better to be prepared with spiked tires on my bicycle. I need my studded shoes. But until then I enjoy the colors of the leaves, the crispness of the morning. I hope to be prepared. Waiting

caressed in orange
lullaby of maple leaves —
beacons for my path

Today Victoria hosts haibun Monday at dVerse. The topic is first frost and you can use any way you want to approach it in a haibun.

October 2, 2017

24 responses to “Not yet black ice

  1. Black ice, silver rain, traffic accidents, broken bones–oh so much to look forward to. Winter is perhaps less intrusive for you, growing up in its grip. Your haibun is sterling.

  2. Wonderful descriptions of the beauty of early autumn contrasting with the reality of needing to be prepared for the dangers of black ice. The hardiness of those of you in northern climes amazes me. I would have so many layers of clothing on I couldn’t even get up on my bike!

  3. Black ice—I used to wonder what that meant. The idea terrified me as a child. Normal cold, white ice was bad enough, but ice that you couldn’t see, that was pure evil. Stay safe!

  4. We haven’t got to black ice and frost yet but the night’s are drawing in. My sister is the cyclist in the family, I am the trombonist… I had no idea you could get spikes…sounds a little prickly to me.

  5. You’re quite practical about preparing for the change- which is good. And you take time to appreciate the colours of the leaves and the crisp air. An optimist- that’s you!

  6. I agree with Jane about the evil of black ice! I’ve never heard of spiked tyres on a bicycle, though – is that like snow chains on car tyres? What a gorgeous haiku, Björn, full of colour!

  7. Black ice caused me a motorcycle accident once with a concussion. Or did I cause it by not watching for it — given the Japanese love of early water purification in front of their shops. I like your choice of the danger of frost. And fun Haibun. (if you want grammar feedback, let me know — I don’t see contact info on this site).

  8. I love the colors of fall. Not too vivid in my native place but I have a instagram page full of fall photos from all over the world. So amazing. Your haiku was spot on.

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