The lake fairy

My dreamer-ghost,
breeze shimmer-grin
melt clouds, un-scar
be whisper-rose and green
be sound of leaves at dawn

spill echoes, flicker,
drizzle storm

cue my breath
balloon the spring
be spark and lull
twist open fear

let’s bubble-dance
pepper giggle-curls
be shadow-still
be you.

The lake fairy by Kimon Loghi

A second Quadrille with all the words we have used so far… hmm not really easy now.

August 14. 2017

18 responses to “The lake fairy

  1. I have enjoyed this poem many times. “Un-scar” is such an effective verb. I think we should do that — whatever it takes to make fresh, unharmed skin.

    These are so beautiful:
    “be whisper-rose”
    “drizzle storm
    journey” (love that band)

    Probably my favorites:
    “cue my breath”
    “twist open fear”

    So cute:
    “let’s bubble-dance
    pepper giggle-curls”

    This is all I needed to hear:
    “be you”

    Obviously I’m really into this poem. 😛

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