Meet the ends

Powerpoint perfection
leveraging resources
operate the strategies
differentiating processes
perfecting frameworks
Please spreadsheet me
scent of pine trees
honeysuckle waves
enhancing policies
governing the bullet points
and know your numbers
barefoot barbecue
Chardonnay on ice
breaking silos
optimize portfolios
cost efficiency
customer comes first
meet the ends
and meeting ends.

Meeting inds

Today Mish want us to write poetry on signs at dVerse. Bring us a sign you find funny, tragic, stupid or just inspiring and use it in a poem. The sign I found funny says meeting ends and I found it funny since work is filled with meetings.

Pub opens soon, come and join us.
June 20, 2017

28 responses to “Meet the ends

  1. I can relate with never ending meetings and spreadsheets ! Love this part:

    Please spreadsheet me
    scent of pine trees
    honeysuckle waves

  2. I like the way you have played with the words in the final lines – and I’m so glad I don’t have to do all that stuff any more – your poem made my head spin, Bjorn!

  3. I want a spreadsheet like yours, and Chardonnay on ice and meetings that have no beginnings — unless they are totally for pleasure 😊

  4. Leave it to you, brother, to create poetics out of corporate gobble-gook. I am happy that have moved away from meetings & such in civil service for 7 years now. Love the notion that we can be /spread sheeted with blackbirds/

  5. I enjoyed this so much!!! Blackbirds, and pine scents…barefoot barbecue, Chardonnay, oh my, burn your tootsie, don’t you know.

  6. This is such an incredibly brilliant write, Bjorn!❤️ Especially love; “Please spreadsheet me with blackbirds, scent of pine trees honeysuckle waves.”❤️

  7. Great the way you warped the meeting with the weft of blackbirds and pine. I abhor meetings, funny similarity bgwm language there

  8. This gave me pause, much in the same way as Grace’s poem did, about the need to stop in between all the crazy deadlines we meet in life and take a moment to wonder at the beauty that life offers. It also gave me a chilling sense of deja vu.

  9. Is there a person on this great big internet that could not relate to this poem? It reminded me of those beautiful intruding thoughts that happen while at work. Very cool!

  10. Your poem recalled my time of conference room meetings and pressure, pressure, pressure. I love your escape to nature. Beautifully written.

  11. I dream of days without the pressure of work. I like the sprinkles of peacefulness, nature and celebration in your poem…..*sigh*

  12. the tempo is perfect – as usual some wonderful lines
    “Please spreadsheet me
    scent of pine trees
    honeysuckle waves”

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  14. I enjoyed the turn in the poem “Please spreadsheet me
    blackbirds.” And I loved “honeysuckle waves.”

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