Capsicum lips

The day you peppered me
with capsicum —
you were fire, burning
my desire
as you gripped my loins
we were salt, and waves
and waves
I was kelp and you the ocean
we were motion.
The day before you fled —
before I bled.

The kiss by Auguste Rhodin

The word for the quadrille today is pepper. Kim hosts, join the fun in 44 words at dVerse.

June 19, 2017

40 responses to “Capsicum lips

  1. You two are making me giggle with that word. Especially since you’ve hooked it with “lips” (hers, in all likelihood).

    This is really yummy. (I need a little space before “and waves” though.)

    The ending was very unexpected and heartbreaking. Well done.

  2. Oh the joy of the word ‘capsicum’! It’s the plosive ‘p’ and the labial ‘m’ that make it sound so cheeky, I think! And then paired with ‘lips’ it just explodes!

  3. Oh my! I am wiping my brow!!!! You’d think I’d just eaten jalapena peppers and all I’ve done is imbibed your words! 🙂
    “I was kelp and you the ocean
    we were motion.”
    Oh my!

  4. I think he lucked out–she might have been a silkie or siren or succubus. Sensual write, brother. Your poetic hormones are def sill accessible. In my poem, the titles were a movie & a TV show,

  5. Interesting that many poems today like pepper to capsicums and to passion!! You know in India capsicums are not considered fiery at all 🙂 I like the ocean and kelp analogy!

  6. I’m still guffawing at Glenn’s comments … poetic hormones indeed! This was hot stuff, sadly ending poorly.

  7. Such a great image – I was kelp and you the ocean/ we were motion. And so much emotion. Love it.

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