Midsummer plans

The car was filled with plans and beachwear. Midsummer is herring, friends and snaps.
Summer lay ahead of me.

The reggae music couldn’t hide the beating rhythm of the windshield wipers. I turned up the volume.

“No woman no cry”. Bob Marley wailed.

I pressed the call button and music muted.

Her voice filled the car.

“Where are you?”

Seconds passed. I had grown used to silence.

“I have other plans, have a wonderful midsummer and kiss the kids from me.” (Lies.) She sighed


“… and weather is bad.”

“OK.” (Relieved)

She had been right, you cannot just be friends.

Midsummer is coming up with all the usual plans. Weather is always an issue and this is what my muse whispered.

At Friday Fictioneers Rochelle gives us the picture and the rest of us tries to come up with a story. Join the fun of flash-fictioneer with us.

June 21, 2017

74 responses to “Midsummer plans

      • That’s some really good advice! I get what you are saying, the more we let the readers brain work out the details, the more intriguing it gets. Your work is is great example, thank you!

      • I agree with that, Bjorn. I think flash involves the reader and really gets them in a sense to write their own story or interpretation of your flash. I do try to have a twist at the end of mine. Take the reader somewhere unexpected.
        xx Rowena

  1. Dear Björn,

    Those who divorce and say they’re still ‘best friends’ make me wonder. For the most part I don’t buy it. Usually, whether they admit it or not, those who “un-couple” usually “un-friend” as well. Good story. The mood went with the photo. I’ve tagged Ted on FB. Wonder if we might have a visitation this week. 😉



  2. Most evocative, and sadness underlies all of it. I’ve read it three times now, and it all fits together better each time. I don’t believe in “friendly divorce.” Oxymoron.

  3. So much unsaid here, that’s the joy of this one. Undercurrents of pain running beneath the words. Lovely, subtle writing Bjorn. And you’re absolutely right about flash – drop the reader breadcrumbs and let them do the hard work!

  4. Hmm, I must be misreading. I didn’t see divorce; I saw a short separation/break for an overwhelmed/overworked mommy, and a daddy who just doesn’t get it. The poor girl needs to decompress! I think they’ll get back together though.

      • No, I just read it personally. I’m always saying crazy things to my husband, like “I want a divorce” or “I’m going to sleep with a fireman.” So that’s how I read this … like she was hot-headedly running away for a while and sticking him with the kids and then coming back to him/them after her time out. But like I said, that’s just me personalizing the piece, which may or may not have anything to do with your intentions.

  5. Much unsaid, but I think he is right in the end, better to make a clean break rather than try to cling on to friendship. Great writing.

  6. Oh, brother! If that ain’t the truth! Congratulations, Bjorn, for an engaging read. This was creatively and successfully written.
    Five out of five herrings.

  7. Masterful, once again. Loved the car full of plans. There were so many emotions captured in this story.

  8. Break-ups are doubly tragic when kids are involved – the music is so right for this story. Or perhaps the story is right for the music.

  9. Bjorn, I was right there in the car with Bob Marley. What’s summer without a little reggae?! Glad summer was your muse. 👍🏻
    Nice tight writing this week. You painted a great scene for us in every word. I liked it very much.
    Isadora 😎

  10. I think flash and poetry are closely related in that they are “cool” mediums and should leave motivation/intention/meaning for the reader’s interpretation. Nice work on this one, Bjorn.

  11. This started off a little bit light-hearted with the feeling of summer and then oh MAN the last line was a total sucker-punch!

  12. You’ve portrayed this situation excellently. It’s one that I’ve seen all too often, with divorced or separated couples agreeing to stay friends, often for the sake of the children, but it rarely works. The guy in your story strikes me as someone who found the whole marriage and kid situation totally claustrophobic and is delighted to have the freedom to hit the open road once more.

  13. Hygge until the phone call. Pour the akvavit after it. :o) I’ve been divorced for 9 years and it’s only been in the last year or so that I can honestly say I’m friends with the ex.

  14. Oh ouch. The continuing animosity between these two is palpable. As long as they remember to protect the kids from their childish behaviour.

  15. I read it as he was supposed to turn up to spend time with his kids and then changed his plans, so left me feeling sorry for the disappointed children. Nicely written.

  16. You can read it both both ways. The man running away or the woman escaping. Either way it does not look like they are getting together again. Nice one.

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