Jewels in the dark

The sparkle in my eyes —
were like jewels wildy cold.
I was the mineral, the rules
that turned your alabaster
into putty for my hands.
I fell in love with you —
and once you’ve left I saw
how eyes can only shine
in presence of your light.

Pygmalion by Franz Stuck

At toads Kerry wants to have a poem in less than 10 lines inspired by the last lines of James Wright’s poem “The jewel”. I will link up to Poetry Pantry tomorrow morning as well.

July 17, 2017

28 responses to “Jewels in the dark

  1. Redheads. Are they the archetype of muses? And how that pale nakedness can burn with darkness — well, that’s why we worship dark emeralds.

  2. That William is a smooth liar. 😉

    Tell him I really like the third line. It’s unexpected and interesting. And this is a very sweet poem.

  3. Wondering if this is really love….with the sparkle like jewels wildly cold. Quite a contrast from the last two lines which DO seem to express the warmth of love.

  4. Oh, I particularly like that last line! You’re waxing Metaphysical. 🙂

  5. You have really dug deeply through the emotional recesses of love or maybe even obsession.
    Thanks Bjorn.

  6. There’s a nagging thought that the “wildly cold” may have had something to do with her leaving. A passionate read, Bjorn!

  7. A lovely, sensual piece brilliantly book-ended with a linked starting and closing couplet.

  8. I think I would classify this as a “too late” poem: I didn’t realize until too late how much you meant to me.

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