Food for thought

This still life still can be
a shotgunned swan,
both corpse unplucked
and food uncooked.

Just add some warmth,
asparagus and salt,
parsley, parsnips, pepper
and potatoes;

stir to sate
with wine, and dine
for life of few
for you and me.

Still life with a swan, asparagus, game and vegetables by Elias Vonck

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May 18, 2017

27 responses to “Food for thought

  1. I’m happy with the just the asparagus, parsley, parsnips, pepper
    and potatoes; I couldn’t eat a swan. On Saturday we saw a mother swan with fluffy grey cygnets in a nest by the river. In England, swans belong to the Queen and are under her protection.

  2. Apparently you’re still hungry from your challenge earlier this week! I think I’ll stick with the veggies on this one. There’s something about eating a swan that sounds sacrilegious!

  3. Swan is probably goose more than turkey–greasy dark meat, unpalatable without proper seasoning. Nice poem, but rat soufflé is not for me, brother.

  4. That is some poem you cooked up, I think I will just have the wine 🙂
    I couldn’t help but think how much work went into cooking in other times. Now, we just go to the grocery store and pick up chicken. We don’t have to pluck it , gut it and cut it. It comes packaged.

  5. Delicious recipe and not the first thing I’d have thought of given the image. Really enjoyed reading. ☺

  6. A jarring image of “still” life…given for our sustenance; hunting, gathering, cooking can be satisfying work.

  7. Still live could be most anything..usually apples, grapes, and wine 😉
    It is all appetizing and to each his own. I am assuming you are serious.

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