I watch them from afar, pretending that i read the Times. it’s bound to happen soon; It always does; I only leave to chance for whom.

Well-planned karma is my MO.

I stir the tepid coffee; each turn another heart-beat; breath controlled.

The blonde is getting ready; I see the signs; she scans the diner for the restroom.

I put a fiver on the bar and leave my seat to pee. Aroused I find my preselected spot.


“Tack, Tack”, stiletto heels on concrete.

Suddenly I’m on my back, a rope around my neck.
She grins:

“Karma is a bitch”

© Roger Bultot

A long time since I did a grim story with a twist. I hope it works and made you a bit surprised.

Rochelle gathers us around the same picture every week and we struggle to find that unique angle (or maybe less so) in 100 words. The fun is called Friday Fictioneers.

May 17, 2017

62 responses to “Karma

  1. So…I’m having a slow brain day. Was Karma the one assaulted or an observer to two other people–a victim and the attacker? I swear, I’ve spent all day re-reading sentences to see if they make sense. I think I need a mental back-up drive! Or maybe a reboot. Can I do today over?

  2. I got it all at the second reading. Then I smiled at how he accepted his end. Strange to say, this story gets better each time I read it.

  3. I love how she became the hunter… methinks she’s seen him at work more than once… 😉

  4. A great twist. I wonder how aroused he is now? And what about her? Is this how she gets her kicks, or did she just figure him out?

  5. Bjorn, I think this might be the most perfect line ever: ‘each turn another heart-beat’ – so wonderful. And the story is great too. Sounds like he got his comeuppance.

  6. Got it first read, no worries. Liked him being stalked by his own karma, fate biting him on the backside – just desserts I’d say! Nicely done, Bjorn

  7. So well planned karma is his MO and well planned karma is what he got! Nice job, Bjorn! I have one question about the end of the first paragraph: “I only leave with whom to chance.” I didn’t understand that and wondered if it was a typo?

  8. Nicely done. Great build of suspense and descriptions – the tepid coffee adds so much to the sense of him watching and waiting. I didn’t see the twist coming, and it works well.

  9. You built the tension beautifully, I read slowly dreading what I thought was to come. Loved that ending twist.

  10. I love it!!! Karma is certainly a bitch…and balances things out:) Great write…your prose are so poetic, Bjorn! such a pleasure to read.

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