When time is stretched
too t-h-i-n
it doesn’t break but waits,

and purrs …

as if to say: you cannot win
unless you travel
with the speed of light

to make Andromeda your

But staying put
each place and moment’s
lost before it’s gone.

Unique and lost
our place in space-time

Perseus Frees Andromeda by Theodoor van Thulden

Today we write to my prompt on space-time and special relativity for my prompt at toads.

Come join the fun.

April 5, 2017

21 responses to “Habitat

  1. I love this, Perseus! 🙂 I actually just read that AnDramaDa has a trillion stars. Sounds like a fun place to hang out … better than being chained to a rock. Love what you did with “too thin” and what I read as “happy tat.” But my fave is the idea of time purring. I find that to be an insightful observation.

  2. Yep.. time is passing even as we forget to live in the moment.. Oops.. and it’s gone.

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  4. I am still working on my poem for this. Let’s say we lost all mass and became like a mass-less photon would we be outside space-time? Thanks for the prompt.

  5. Move it or lose it…. because time moves whether you decide to move with it or not. I like this premise very much!

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