Another name for terror

They said that after the grenade,
colorless a silence crawled,
odorless through dusty streets
through rooms, where many still in sleep;
suffocated with their lungs collapsing
children, women, men.

And afterwards the breathless
stared at you with pin-pricked eyes.
Dying. Praying.
Syria. Sarin. Putin and Assad.
What’s another name for terror?

By the deathbed by Edvard Munch

For Open Link Night with Grace at dVerse.
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April 6, 2017

47 responses to “Another name for terror

  1. Yes, powerful is the word for this poem, Bjorn. Every line carries the pathos, and the last line the universal question. BRAVO

  2. Wow. This is so powerful in its understatement and simplicity. The line that spoke to me most is this: “colorless a silence crawled.” A perfect description of the worst terrors this world faces.

  3. Oh, goodness, utterly chilling those lines:
    colorless a silence crawled,
    odorless through dusty streets…
    Impossible not to react to that, as a poet and as a reader and human.

  4. why does humanity fail us by the same people we trust into power? your words hold much strength for those fighting for personal and national justice.

  5. I really like this section:

    “colorless a silence crawled,
    odorless through dusty streets
    through rooms, where many still in sleep;
    suffocated with their lungs collapsing”

  6. The situation in that area of the world is insanity, with nations watching and having no power to end it. Thanks for making your voice heard.

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  8. Bjorn. This poem encapsulates the horrors of war, and especially chemical attacks on those who can least survive. I hope you and yours a safe after what has happened in Stockholm. I posted “Children of Aleppo” today on my blog. There is no room in my heart for any frivolous stuff. bless you and yours, Bjorn.

  9. It is interesting that people here yelled about the crimes, but when the US struck, they yelled about that. Answers are difficult. What is missed is how many of the killed, are teaching their children to grow up and kill others. Ugly stuff, humans. Leaders are often just a symbol for the ugly people below them. We falsely make history the story of “famous or infamous men“.

  10. Intense, moving, thoughtful, relevant, all in two stanzas — wonderful!

  11. I can just repeat what others said. This is a powerful poem… “Human amidst inhumanity”  This verse came into my mind about it. This verse often comes into my mind nowadays. It was written by Endre Ady in 1916.

  12. I’m coming back to read it again. ~Excellent piece, B. I hope you have fun while you’re on vacation, and I’m so glad you guys are safe. Be careful; I miss your voice already.

  13. Your words are understated, eloquent, and absolutely crushing. I wish the violence would end.

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