I make the sense in scent,
from butts and tips,
from cigarettes and dogs
from bloom and bloomers
to unveil what’s underneath.

A lipsticked stub might stink
a story of a hooker and her johns.
A soggy filter-tip might be
the single narrative of honor
among thieves.

I’m a stray and superhero
lacking jumpsuit and a cape.
You might pass me in the street
But villains stay alert:
my strength is different:
I sense their secrets from afar.

The Dog (Sketch Of Touc) by Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Today we are doing anthropomorphism at dVerse with Lilian today. What a great moment to present Tabasco for you. He is a dog that is the main character in my upcoming short story… so this is a little teaser about that.

April 4, 2017

33 responses to “Superhero

  1. Wow…what a character ~ I can sense a lot of secrets coming out ~
    And good for you to be writing a story Bjorn ~

  2. The World’s Greatest Four-Legged Detective! There’s a lot of energy in the narrative of this poem.

  3. Aww, this is precious!!! I love the idea of a superhero dog whose power is sniffing out secrets. This makes me think of Finnick (sp) from Hunger Games.

  4. A wonderful concept character, brother–TALES OF TABASCO; yeah, great. Will it be children’s fiction, teenage fare, or adult? Can’t wait..

  5. Good one Björn. The world is a newspaper waiting for a dogs nose to read. Look forward to hearing more from Tabasco!
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  6. Now i know why u never respond to my comments and posts, friend b … anyway, happy spring 2017, eh? … lOve, cat.

  7. I always wonder what all the stories are that my dogs sniff out on our walks..sometimes on the bodies of the characters, sometimes on evidence they leave behind them.

  8. I sure hope he uses his super powers for good, and not just sniffing butts. lol! Your take on the prompt got my spidey senses working, thanks

  9. Exactly on target! You wrote this character sketch with a voice that is totally believable, probably because I live with a superhero. Although to be honest, sometimes she misses the stray morsel right under her nose!

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