A one night stand

It’s like snow in April
how the orchard cries
when shedding petals
to a night of frost
like the one-night stand
with someone
you had hoped to marry.

Ashes by Edvard Munch

You never know where a prompt will take you. Magaly wrote about the early bloom that often succumb to frost at toads.

14 responses to “A one night stand

  1. You really caught my attention with
    “like the one-night stand
    with someone
    you had hoped to marry.”
    Nicely done, Björn.

  2. Wow! This one strikes the very spot that hurts the most – Perfect. Perfect painting too.

  3. Beautiful words and imagery. It’s been snowing blossom in the breeze these past few days.

  4. The ‘one night stand ‘ grabs attention
    the fleeing lover could have stayed
    That’s how they do it in the song
    first a fleeting hint of goodbye

    I’ll read up on space time physics, I’m okay with four, or more dimensions. Cordinates x, y z, and time. Time seems to be corresponding with place. (“Name the time and place.”)
    Good prompt, Bjorn. Thank you.

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