Shadows in April

“I thought the most beautiful thing in the world must be shadow.”
― Sylvia Plath, The Bell Jar

A winter day I crave what little sun there is, and still in early April I will seek the sun. Today at lunch i walk around the block avoiding shadows. The sun is still too faint for warmth and in the shadows linger cold; in just another month or two the midday sun will burn and on a midday stroll I seek the shade.

Hues are different in shadows; today I noted how the sun makes colors shallow. But in the shadow colors fill. I feel the colors in the shade are harbinger of summer when green is greener and and yellow flowers brighter. But in the dark of winter you need the sun to spark some life in the rot of brown decay.

wilted grass —
its offspring still asleep
by rush-hour traffic

Weeds and flowers by John Henry Twachtman

Toni hosts Haibun Monday today at dVerse, and challenge us to write about shadows.

April 3, 2017

24 responses to “Shadows in April

  1. I really like the haiku at the end of this. And it is so very true. All the sunlight washes out the colours. Contrast is always best.

  2. Great haiku. And within the prose….the idea of colors shifting withing shadows themselves. Especially like this line “But in the dark of winter you need the sun to spark some life in the rot of brown decay”

  3. How shadows take on a different hues when its cold or hot ~ As its still slightly cold, I walk outside to get the full warmth of the sun ~ I love your haiku of wilted grass, which is what I see here now ~ No spring blossoms yet ~

  4. What a classy idea to put a quote before your poem; smile. This is a stalwart little haibun, both personal & regional. Your poetry over the years has been like a guide to Sweden. We are having some sunny, yet breezy 53 degree sunny days here, not warm for the no-coaters & short-sleepers.

  5. I enjoyed the Plath quote, Bjorn. Like you, I seek the shade on warm days. That’s when our garden and house come into their own – lots of shadows, nice and cool. I like the way you focus on the colour of shadows in the second paragraph and the grass offspring in the haiku made me smile.

  6. “In the shadow, colours fill”…. what a great line, Björn… Time I got writing some poetry again, I love the promises that shadows bring, I’m sure I could fire up my muse with this subject (but, lazy me, I probably won’t)

  7. ‘i walk around the block avoiding shadows. ‘…ha just the opposite happens here in India in April, we avoid the aggressive sun…i also like the soft voice of shadow here…

  8. Enjoyed the contrast between the sun’s shallow colours and the shadow making them stronger – it feels it should be the other way. The shadows definitely hold the cold in the UK at the moment too.

  9. I really liked reading your direct prose then followed by your haiku. It gave me a connection jolt to those last visual moments in winter giving way to spring, and my own desire to just go to work and get through it on those last winter days.

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