Beneath the canopy

Beneath the canopy
     is grass
and daisy words.
And there are eyes
     in eyes
and hand in hand
cause she is her
and blood grape sun,
a shared champagne
a blackbird melody
and butterflies
beneath the canopy.

Lunch under the canopy by Claude Monet

Today I host dVerse MTB and we continue the series on art movements. Today we have come to impressionism and I want you to paint in words like an impressionist. I will give you some background on how to paint as an impressionist. Your challenge is to use that guideline with words.

March 16, 2017

30 responses to “Beneath the canopy

  1. Your piece is grand, so illustrative of the impressionist painting. When we do this prompt, I always get kind of lost, but then get caught up in a creative wave of words; smile.

  2. This is amazing. it is amazing how so far we Pubsters have chosen Monet as our inspiration and yet, you have magnified and improved upon his works. Almost a Quadrille in length, this poem says much in little space. I love every line in this gorgeous poem.

  3. Your brush certainly was loaded with colour today, Bjorn! I love ‘daisy words’ and ‘eyes / in eyes / forget-me-nots’! You’ve taken the chill out of the air!

  4. I like the thought of haiku being like an impressionistic painting! Your poem beautifully presents visual and sensory perception.

  5. Thank you for hosting Monet and the choice of that particular painting – being a poet yourself and also providing poetic inspiration for others – two wonderful gifts in one! Brush strokes was a wonderful guideline, which I see you have followed yourself….

  6. It’s a lovely place beneath the canopy. 🙂 I like ‘daisy -words’ and ‘eyes forget-me-nots’. I imagine a sweet young face with these phrases. 🙂

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