Some days are theme-parks:
whack-a-moley spreadsheet-crazy,
Clown-grin glitzy packed with
task-force spinning merry-go-round
email action rollercoaster trips,
and jackpots in the slot-machines
stretching all the way
from dawn to midnight oil.
Such days will make you sleep at night.

Some days are Ferris-wheels;
views of things
you should or could have done,
you’re locked, unmoving tense from knowledge
of the choices
that tomorrow soon will bring.
Such days will make it hard to fall asleep.

But days can also be
a boat ride through the darkness
her body warm beside you
in an endless tunnel filled with love.
There are days you’d rather stay awake.

Carousel © by Gene Davies

Lilian hosts poetics and want us to write about amusement parks at dVerse. I used it for metaphors, but you can write about it any way you fun.

March 14, 2017

25 responses to “Fair

  1. Bjorn, if your poetry was an attraction, at the local fair, I would go, just to read, or hear, the metaphors that you have created, for such an event. Bringing forth such creative energy, with your words.

  2. and what a metaphor you made of it too -all the noise and contrasts so well painted – “whack-a-moley spreadsheet-crazy,” and swing boat love-ins p.s. interesting image!

  3. Brother, you are the master of metaphor. I enjoyed all of this, bt the third stanza hooked me with its warmth/sensuality. Life, while still n the work force can be a circus, a whirling dervish tea cup for sure.

  4. An ode to our carnival life! Metaphor guru that you are! I feel myself frenetic and then slowly going up up and around. Ah that we could all have the time to float around and see our options 😊

  5. There are so many wonderful metaphors in that first paragraph it leaves one dizzy. A glorious read. I enjoyed immensely.

  6. enjoyed this very much, indeed life can be like days at the park, loved the slow boat ride ones the best, especially when some of it is in the dark.

  7. Oh great master of the Metaphor…this poem totally did the prompt up right. In spite of the spreadsheets and Ferris Wheels, there is that break when the one you love is up close and warm. woncderful.

  8. Good metaphors here. I especially like the use of the Ferris Wheel – it does capture the dread that one has for the times you described.

  9. A fantastic extended metaphor, Bjorn! ‘Whack-a-moley spreadsheet-crazy’ and ’email action rollercoaster trips’ – I’m so glad my life is no longer like that! I think I prefer the slowly turning Ferris-wheel and the ‘boat ride through the darkness’.

  10. I like how each stanza stands alone as its own poem, each with its own distinct pace and vibe, but combined they become even greater than the sum. And you are spot-on with each of them, especially the 3rd stanza. I’d like to bottle days like that and keep them for the rainy days.

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