I tournesol,
my face is glazed in slender rays.
In birdsong symphonies
days get longer.

Come leap, cascade in brooks
be willow mild
Come snowdrops, crocus
spring my heart.

Paint cherry blossoms
on your dimpled cheek,
Come part your lips
and spin me wild.

Sunflowers by John Bratby

Today it’s Quadrille hosted by Kim at dVerse. Write a poem in exactly 44 words including the word spring.

March 13, 2017

34 responses to “Tournesol

  1. Paint cherry blossoms
    on your dimpled cheek,
    Come part your lips
    and spin me wild.

    Gives the feelings of wanting to be on chummy chummy terms with someone nice


  2. Definitely sensual, like close ups of any flower–petals & lips; smile. Yet another fine Q44, brother. The early opening of the Pub made up for losing an hour yesterday.

  3. oooh, delectable words here! Spring me………instead of this blizzard we’re supposed to get here in Boston tomorrow! LOVE that last stanza especially 🙂

  4. I have to admit your tournesol sent me to the dictionary! And your lovely poem proves, indeed, in Spring a young man’s fancy turns to love! Bravo, my friend.

  5. Björn, your Quadrille is full of the joys of spring and the wordplay I have come to expect from you. I love ‘be willow mild’ and ‘spring my heart’ – and that suggestive ending!

  6. Spring is a season that definitely dances, as I experience it. This poem, with its use of the imperative voice, evokes that. Sadly, spring passed us by this year in the desert. It’s 98 right now, but the citrus trees are all in bloom and the frogs are looking to get lucky.

  7. Awake from slumber, indeed, to the sensuous rhyme this is Spring. Nicely crafted

    Thanks for dropping in to read mine

    Much love…

  8. ‘Come snowdrops crocus spring my heart’
    I truly feel my heart spring when I see the first spring flowers…yet to come here.

  9. 🙂 You’re still on the wild Side 🙂
    “Come part your lips
    and spin me …”
    An interesting perspective, that I could imagine, with the arrival of a new seductive season… and, after the kiss don’t you fret, you will be spun 🙂
    I enjoyed reading and thinking about it.

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