To take a life

‘Do you know that Phalaenopsis just keeps blooming’.

‘Like us… ’ she had smiled.

Leyla is standing by the window. All is grey, sleet covering the streets. Clouds. The orchid’s still blooming, but Jimmy’s gone.

‘We wilted first…’ she sighs.

Opening the window she ponders height. Will it be painful? Will he know that she has left? Or how she left?

Her tears have dried, but when she grabs the flowerpot she senses its life.

She will put an end to life.

She hurls the uprooted flower through the open window,takes her suitcase. Leaves. This place. This town. This life.

Today it’s time for Friday Fictioneers, and the prompt came to me instantly as I saw the suicidal possibility in the picture. But I decided to end in a more uplifting mood. I have been quite busy lately, but it’s great to write to the prompt again after one absence.

Friday Fictioneers is a wonderful blogging community lead by Rochelle who brings us a new picture (almost) every week.

February 1, 2017

32 responses to “To take a life

  1. Happy birthday, Björn! I am ever so glad the pot went over the sill instead of her… Much better for her to move on forward instead of downward!

  2. Oh my, you really had me scared there that she was going over the ledge herself. I’m glad she made the right decision for herself, if not for that poor plant.

  3. I am glad she didn’t follow the pot out the window. Well crafted, leading us somewhere then pulling back.

  4. Stupid flower. It’s all the orchid’s fault. No telling how many relationships they’ve killed. He may not miss her, but I bet he’ll be pissed about the flower.

  5. I like the comparison she makes between the life of the plant and her life of her relationship. And I’m glad she leaves in the end, rather than jumping. Poor plant, but determined woman. Nice job, Björn.

  6. What a relief that she threw the flower out and chose life. She had her bags packed so must have been torn two ways. Good writing. I’m so sorry I missed your birthday. I’m shamefully behind in my emails again. Happy Belated Birthday! 🙂 — Suzanne

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