A bough in six dimensions

Perched, its shadow
bleeds the bough,
spring is rising sap
and blackbirds waiting.

On the highest bough
a caterpillar contemplates
the possibility
to butterfly.

Bless the tender twigs
clinging to the bough
who tend to dewdrops
before they fall

The circumference of the bough
is larger than
a soldier’s arm.

Can boughs dream of
being carriers
of eagle’s nests?

Poetry is born from
timber, boughs and pulp;
paper ink and muse;
it’s wood and blood.

Arbutus by Ally Saunders

Arbutus by Ally Saunders

Today Mish interview Ally Saunders and present her artwork at dVerse. My choice was to write a few small poems on the theme of a bough. Pub opens at 9. PM CET.

January 31, 2017

31 responses to “A bough in six dimensions

  1. I love the approach, with the last one as my favorite. I never thought about boughs when I looked at this painting – it was more like a tree to me or the long arms of a giant ~

    • I could see that as well, and thought of is… but when I write to images I always try to write about something that seems less intended… that way the image and the poetry complement one another… I really loved this painting.

  2. All three of your best stanzas have been mentioned; nice creative way to approach the prompt. Is this a form, or just something you like to do? Number 6 s killer for sure.

  3. I am sure this form was done in MTB, but I can’t think of the name of it. I love the contrasts, the different views and voices. This is excellent.

  4. “On the highest bough
    a caterpillar contemplates
    the possibility
    to butterfly.”

    ~Love the promise of hope in this piece, Bjorn!

  5. bough – one of my favorite poetry words – it makes me think of billowing shushes.

    ‘Bless the tender twigs
    clinging to the bough
    who tend to dewdrops
    before they fall’

    utterly transcendent … simply lovely …

  6. Poetry is born from
    it’s wood and blood.

    One cannot imagine how these standing trees can be the source of so much inspiration, but they do!


  7. Although it is not set out that way, this has the feel of a ghazal to me with the repetition of bough throughout.
    I so enjoyed each image.

  8. This is a wonderful series! I do think the last is my favorite; although, the idea of a bough dreaming of holding an eagle’s nest is nice too.

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