Because the night…

I remember how Patti Smith sang how night belongs to lovers, and I remember how I used to dance, tethered in your arms. I remember nights of skins, but as we both have aged, I think that it’s more the day that’s meant for us.

Tonight I slept less than six hours; the alarm was set to 4:50, and I have spent my day in business meeting. Tonight a good night means a wish for sleep that’s undisturbed. A night where nightmares tied to spreadsheets, deadlines for negotiations or stupid office politics, don’t wake me up. A night that’s meant for sleep. At least you have made our beds with fresh linen, and I hope that I soon can be embraced by a soft duvet, and simply sleep. But I still believe that night belongs to lovers.

wrapped in white
fir trees bow to winter —
a scent of snow

First Snow by Ivan Shishkin

First Snow by Ivan Shishkin

Toni hosts Haibun Monday at dVerse and wants us to write about a good night. Right now I can only think about sleep as a good night.

December 12, 2016

21 responses to “Because the night…

  1. I always loved that song by Patti Smith. I like this haibun a lot…fresh linens and curling up under a duvet…heaven. and the haiku – it is stand alone gorgeous. I love the scent of snow and your haiku makes me smell it.

  2. I would love to sleep uninterrupted by concerns about my work and deadlines. Of course, it is meant for lovers but having a good night means sleeping soundly and warmly. Good to read you Bjorn.

  3. Thanks for the Patti Smith track, Bjorn – you know how much I like her! I can remember being able to stay up all night – now I can’t really make it past 10.30 – it’s 10.19 pm now and I’m already thinking about crawling into bed. I love fresh linen and a soft duvet, too!

  4. Life evolves, doesn’t it–but enduring love is a precious gift, as is sleep. I’m sorry work is so invasive for you right now–many an awake night I’ve spent over those things.

  5. I just listened to this song sung by Patti Smyth a few days ago…love it. I totally understand needing a good night’s sleep. Those fresh linens should make it feel even better. I hope your mind quiets at night so you can rest easy, Bjorn.

  6. So pragmatic & personal; especially enjoyed your classic haiku. When I was a wage slave, I would continue to work in my dreams, waking up exhausted. or I could not fall asleep at all & would be sleep deprived. All is good now that I’m retired. Your turn will come, brother.

  7. Oh, Bjorn, sadly I know exactly what you mean, as I’ve been struggling with severe insomnia for the last few months! A good night is one in which I manage to get more than 5 hours of sleep (never mind how interrupted). Hope you manage to finish the year in style and stop worrying about work! But I love your sense of yearning in the poem (and the mention of the fresh sheets – always a bonus).

  8. Lovely, Bjorn….a romantic side of you! I would love uninterrupted sleep, too. Doesn’t seem possible as we age. Lovely haibun and haiku.

  9. Funny how life gets in the way of itself more than not.
    I don’t have insomnia, but as I am a struggling writer / musician with a real job during the day, I too only get about 4-5 hours sleep. But as Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “You can sleep when you die; there’ll be plenty of time.”
    Good stuff, as always, dude.

  10. I’m so sorry that sleep escapes you, Bjorn. I can relate. I couldn’t help but connect the fresh linen to “the scent of snow”.

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