A limit for concerns

Born from clipboard quotas,
the sweathopped shoes I bought on sale
are waiting for a thought,
on who the seamstress was and
if she went to bed
content the day my pair was sewn.
I wonder if she touched her daughter’s photograph,
before she cried herself to sleep.
Maybe blisters from the soles can later
be a slight reminder
of the tepid broth she had for lunch.
I shrug and close my heart:
there’s a limit for concerns.


A poem on shoes for Susi at toads.

December 9, 2016

14 responses to “A limit for concerns

  1. This is awful!
    But good.
    … You know what I mean. 🙂

    I like the “sweathopped”/”thought” rhyme.

    It’s true; you can’t let your mind be constantly consumed with other people’s worries. That may seem coldhearted, but you have to make sure your own blessings are not wasted by letting yourself be sad all the time over someone else’s suffering.

  2. This is such a tender expression of the circumstances of a stranger. I have had these feelings, myself, about the people whose cheap labor covers my body. It is so sad (overwhelmingly so, really) to contemplate, that – as you say – there’s a limit for concerns.

  3. The limit for concerns, yes I can see this. I often cross it, I think that is why I am often miserable for what others perceive as “no reason”.

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