Symphony from dawn to dusk

It starts
whispered strings
at dawn of woodwinds;
from the thicket: dulce
wren and raindrops.

Then the horn; a skein of geese,
and for breeze and brook: andante:
cembalo and harp.

fortissimo for timpani a thunderstorm and broken oaks.

The willow movement
bending for a
cello-solo and guitars,
adagio set for children’s feet.

Finale is a nocturne
sunset clarinet and
applause in
owl and

Pastoral Symphony by Pierre Bonnard

Pastoral Symphony by Pierre Bonnard

Today Victoria takes us to the world of music at MTB of dVerse, think of rhythm, linebreaks, the use of musical terms. Apart from the rhythm I tried to use line-length for the pianissimo fortissimo parts… hope it works.

December 8, 2016

22 responses to “Symphony from dawn to dusk

  1. This is absolutely gorgeous. I started to pick a few favorite phrases, but as a whole, it’s an excellent piece. I liked it more and more as it progressed with each new line. Well done.

  2. A piece written con dolce–lovely & lyrical–a perfect template for the prompt–& a nice twist for you.

  3. It worked so well. Using music to describe nature puts you in the rank of so many composers, maestro! The line length seemed to mirror the intensity of the unfolding day. Peace to peace.

  4. What a wonderful ,musical piece, Bjorn! The way it develops is reminiscent of Smetana’s Má Vlast: the Moldau, where the river starts as a stream and then broadens out as it enters Prague.
    I especially loved the ‘dulce wren and raindrops’ and ‘fortissimo for timpani a thunderstorm and broken oaks’.

  5. Very late to the reading….apologies. At my daughter’s over the weekend, cavorting with grandchildren.
    This is so very well done…I love the matching of the musical terms to the parts of the day and creatures of nature. I especially liked the “dawn of woodwinds and the pitter patter in the thicket”
    Really enjoyed this!
    Now, time for a fermata 🙂

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