Damned prenup

Harnessed to my glider, I linger for a moment. I inhale the scent of my gilded cage. Lavender and salt. My custodian is shouting but I have locked the door:

‘I’ll give you anything you want. Gold and pearls. Stocks or options. Anything’.

I know the only thing I want, he cannot give me.

‘How about my freedom and divorce?’
‘I’ll give you children’.

I leave my balcony. I fly. I flee. I scream:

‘Goodbye New York!’

The skyline fades for toxic marshes of New Jersey. It doesn’t matter, once I signed the prenup I was tethered to his gold.

This picture caused me some problem, but once I started to think of jumping with a glider from the house, the story wrote itself.

Friday Fictioneers is a group of bloggers who write 100 word stories to the same picture every week. Rochelle who has just came out with a new book (Congrats Rochelle), leads and guides us, and primarily set the standard (very high).

December 7, 2016

33 responses to “Damned prenup

  1. I can see how, once you start with jumping with a glider from a house, you ended up here. I was a little confused by “custodian” the first time through; though; I thought at first the narrator was in mental institution and wasn’t sure what she was imagining and what was real.

  2. Dear Bjorn,

    I was fascinated by your use of the phrase, ‘toxic marshes of New Jersey’. How did you know?

    Growing up twenty miles south of that picture, I used to play in those toxic marshes. Many are gone now, but a few still remain, along with my memories.

    Nice story.



  3. Wow! That’s how keen she is to escape her gilded cage? Extraordinary. Feels like it could be a physical or metaphorical leap for her. Great tale, Bjorn

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