Use your Duchamp pen

How can the bathroom wall be less than art?
Bring your Duchamp pen, and make
the paleness of its tiles a tale
of more beyond what bullies did.
Have you tasted water from the bowl?
Have the hands of others taken liberties?
Have you lent against the wall to cry?
Bring your Duchamp pen and make
the paleness of its tiles your tale.
Expose exploiters, make the bullies pay
and keep them very far from power.

Fountaine by Marcel Duchamp

Fountaine by Marcel Duchamp

Today it’s OLN at dVerse and any poem of yours is welcome. Bar open at 3PM EST, and I will be a bit later to the show as we have a concert tonight.
November 3, 2016

32 responses to “Use your Duchamp pen

    • I’m so pleased to see that chess is listed as one of his artistic genres (painting, sculpting, chess, writing), because it absolutely is … an art.

  1. Only my pets drink from our toilet bowls, & they seem to enjoy it. This piece is out there, brother, but it is a prime example as to the salient truth that poetic inspiration can descend upon us from all quarters.

  2. I see a blending of two prompts…if walls could talk and somewhat of futurism having a call for change, if even through the pen and a toilet bowl. I love this, Bjorn!

  3. The only writing I’ve done on walls was with crayons at a factory. Even that felt wrong somehow – my siblings got into deep trouble for writing on the walls at home! For me that’s like getting a tattoo, not something I can see, so I can’t realte to it very well. An interesting poem nonetheless!

  4. I like the repetition…”Bring your Duchamp pen and make the paleness of its tiles your tale”. Even bathroom walls can be a canvass for expression.

  5. I never hid out in the school toilets because that’s where the bullies lurked, but I have always enjoyed reading the toilet walls in pubs, clubs and railway stations. Some of the most interesting graffiti can be found in historic dungeons!

  6. Bring your Duchamp pen and make
    the paleness of its tiles your tale

    A pen and toilet bowls can certainly trigger off inspirations for humor. Yes, nothing to do in there but wild imaginations!


  7. LOL! You haven’t gotten out of the Futurist prompt yet, Bjorn. It’s following you into the toilet. LOL! This was great fun, but has a serious message. Especially for us Yanks today.

  8. One of my few charges in the courts is graffiti, which is considered vandalism. I was sitting in a bathroom at a park sketching on the wall with a black pen. 1 to 5 days in County Jail for that one.

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