Trading jewelry

“Ten dollars, not a cent more”, Joe said leaning backwards in his swivel chair; his big belly undulating as he ogled the young woman.

She shook her head while reaching for her thick wedding band.

“Unless…”, Joe’s tongue traced the parchment of his lips.

“Do you even know the significance of Faberge?”, her voice laden with contempt. “Back home you would be shot”.

“Fifteen dollars for your ring… “, he paused. “… and you spend the night with me”.

Zara’s hand closed on the hilt of her hidden knife as she nodded.
Men on route 66 were no different from Bolsheviks. Scum.

 © Jean L. Hays

© Jean L. Hays

I love a little twist, I hope you do the same.

Friday Fictioneers is a group of blogger led by Rochelle who write stories to the same picture every week. I try to hit the 100 word mark sharp.

November 2, 2016

60 responses to “Trading jewelry

  1. Ha ha ha. This is awesome. 🙂 I’ve been wondering where your Friday Fictioneers posts were hiding. Was she on hiatus from prompting for a couple of weeks?

    I love the implications given by the title. Her jewels for his. 🙂

    THIS is fantastic poetry tucked away in your prose: “Joe’s tongue traced the parchment of his lips.”

  2. Good work to tie Bolsheviks and Faberge into this prompt! Nice tale, and from the guy’s attitude, I think he’s going to get what he probably deserves from the knife!

  3. Hmmm. Pretty nice execution of story there. In fact, I thought this would be a great scene of a larger work. It asks a lot of questions as to the who and why of Zara. Well-done, Bjorn!

  4. Dear Björn,

    The vision of his undulating belly is disturbing enough. What a piece of work. Ugh. Now your piece of work on the other hand…good descriptions…you had me there in the moment. Well done.



  5. I may be a bit off here, but though he is a dirty man, he didn’t force her into anything. So I find the reaction–too harsh. Great twist and wonderful writing.

  6. it looks like he’ll get what he deserves. by the way, i saw the mountains in your picture when we drove from oslo to bergen last september. what a beautiful sight.

  7. I wonder if she was a mail-order bride–and if so, what became of her husband? Did he get a taste of her blade as well?
    I see a lot of opportunity to expand this into a longer “Black Widow” piece.

  8. Oh no, a rat thief and a scum bag. LOLOL
    He was taking advantage, for sure. I hope her knife can get threw that undulating belly. You go girl. Boy, this got me riled. I guess that means it’s GREAT…!!!
    Isadora 😎

  9. I do wonder if she has left a trail of death behind her. She certainly sounds a handful for her creator.

  10. This is going to end very badly for someone … You’ve painted such a clear picture here, I can almost smell his greasy body odour without you having to describe it. Nicely done

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