The cause is lost

When truth is treated lightly;
tossed aside for looks and laughter;
when gasoline is used to quench
annoyance caused by factless principles
the cause is lost

When force of money’s used
to spin reality from raw emotions;
when compromise is treason,
and reason is your enemy
the cause is lost.

When politics is circus
more than bread
democracy is dead.
While one percent is happy
we still can pray (or pay),
but cause is lost
and God has left the room.

Washington Money by Robert Silvers

Washington Money by Robert Silvers

Writing about politics is not easy, I don’t know if I succeeded, but what concerns me most is the post-truth-politic that’s spreading. Linked to Michael’s prompt at toads

November 4 2016

25 responses to “The cause is lost

  1. You succeeded very well, for this is what it feels like. The struggle against dark and light has never felt so fraught and while it does feel like dark is winning, I have to believe there is light ahead. But the mess of this election is going to take a long time to get cleaned up….and who will clean it?

  2. I think you do a good job of identifying the ills of democracy in practice these days…and speaking with the kind of balanced voice that I would like to hear in political forums (rather than a circus of lies and slurs)

  3. You totally succeeded. Consider the fact that more $100 American currency bills circulates outside the U.S. than inside. Oil is priced in dollars and the American military is used as an extension of the Oval Office. I can only hope the results will be accepted.

  4. Excellent poem, Bjorn! American politics do seem like a circus these days…I have hope that our Constitution and democratic system still work, in spite of the clowns.

  5. I vote for no government. The people can manage themselves. Especially if there’s cotton candy and p(e)onies. 🙂

    I read this as if it’s connected to the TV show LOST. Did you watch that? It was some time ago.

    These are my favorite lines:

    “When truth is treated lightly;
    tossed aside for looks and laughter”

    “to spin reality from raw emotions;
    when compromise is treason”

    “and God has left the room”

    • Okay, well here’s what I think: The U.S. is too big. It’s made up of very opinionated state bodies that are being forced to go one way or another, against their will. A country should be small, comprised of (presumably) similar people who want to live and be governed in reasonably similar ways. I guess that’s not realistic, but I do think it makes more sense for our states to run themselves.

      • I can understand that… but I know what separatism has lead to in Europe… 700 years of war… maybe we just have to sit down and reason. The world is facing too much problem… we need the US in the world. not 50 separate small countries with different opinions.

      • This is the second time I’ve said this today, but I don’t think anyone has anything to worry about: my opinion doesn’t count for much around here. I wouldn’t anticipate my expressions to effect change; I’m quite sure the U.S. will remain as it is, regardless of what I’d like to see happen.

  6. When politics is circus
    more than bread

    That is what it has turned out to be. It is no more peaceful bread and butter issues that hog the headlines but money. Corporate America is justifying its imposed paternal rights over the peace-loving majority!


  7. So eloquent, Bjorn. The refrain is haunting, and the images as dusty and wistful as they are barb-wire strong. It is a time for great change, an ominous change, and it proves what all our myths and tales have told us over the centuries–the struggle between good and evil is endless, and never can be anything but a temporary win for either–I guess we have to find some comfort in that. Of course, I am thinking of those words from the Völuspá about the times before Ragnarök: “”Brother will kill brother…
    –an axe age, a sword age,
    shields are riven–
    before the world goes headlong.
    No man will
    have mercy on another.”

  8. Well said, your first line made me think of the saying “The first casualty of war is truth.”. I don’t know how the election will end. But the United States will pay a big price if Donald Trump is elected and so many countries who partner with us to a lesser degree. What bothers me the most is the nastiness toward Mexico. They are our neighbors, our family.

  9. …when compromise is treason – brilliant and the fist line about “truth” I like a lot. Our constitution IMO needs to be protected and the Supreme Court is KEY in this election … Wish we had a reset button and EVERYONE would vote in the primaries – we have ourselves to blame for this mess.

  10. well, thanks for adding your voice to the prompt, Bjorn. Sorry for the delay in visiting.

    sigh. we are so screwed ~

  11. These lines resonate with me, brilliantly written.
    ‘When force of money’s used
    to spin reality from raw emotions;
    when compromise is treason,
    and reason is your enemy
    the cause is lost.’

    I am feeling like an orphan with no door to knock on.

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