You can call me Al

Before too late, (a first for me)
I’m out
too see (a)live an aged musician.

Tinsel-eyed I wait to call you Al.
while people buzz,
still crazy after all these years.

Your voice and songs have carried
me across the troubled bridges,
through lonesome nights
in sounds of silence.

I’ve danced in dazzling blue
with diamonds on my shoes,
but now at last (my first)
I see you play in live.

Today at dVerse Poetics we have Kelly hosting, with the theme of doing something for the first time. This coincides with myself soon going to a concert with Paul Simon… I will be by a little later but the pub opens at 3 PM EST. I have used a few of his titles in my poem.


22 responses to “You can call me Al

  1. This is the best “coming out” poem I’ve ever read.

    “but[t] now at last (my first)”
    That is priceless imagery — especially with diamonds on your shoes. 🙂

  2. Clever & sweet, this piece literally sings, brother. Concerts are just too expensive for me anymore. Even movies are 12 bucks now. Retired types watch it all on the TV’s.

  3. Great title, great song and enjoy the gig!
    I always love the way you play with words, Björn, and this poem is no exception. I love ‘tinsel-eyed’ and the inclusion of (bits of) song titles!

  4. This made me smile, love the word play and title usage to make your very poetic point! My husband and I saw Bruce Springsteen for the first time in February, and it was fabulous. Enjoy your big “first”!!

  5. Have a great time…I;m old enough to have seen Simon and Garfunkel and it was great. Loved their music. And you did get in quite a few titles….LOL!

  6. You honoured him well here. Love the flow of the song titles.There is something about seeing these artists late in their careers…just seems like more precious time spent.

  7. me across the troubled bridges,
    through lonesome nights
    in sounds of silence.

    His song titles make it a smooth prelude to your attending the concert live. Have a great time Bjorn!


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