We Us We

We drown denied;
bring change
non avalanche: uncoal
unsteal — stop steel
                        unwheel and walk.
work let arm and legs be life.
Oceans salts and snow
The fills of mouths.
                        Unmeat our eat;
You be WE US WE, and march.
                        Be fists of peace.
                        Be guns of love.
A clockwork tense;
                        a tick-tack-tock
It’s late, be WE US WE!
                        still see.
not drowned
                        WE US WE can undeny.

24 Hours Clock, by Paulo Uccello

24 Hours Clock, by Paulo Uccello

Today at MTB I give some background to futuristic poetry and try to bring it into today’s world. Bring some change, revolution. Drop slavery of syntax, write free-verse, let onomatopoeia free, let your anger fill your page. Drop Irony, be blunt!!! Read Mayakovski load. Scream at the top of your voice: Future Future. Bar opens at 3 PM.

October 26, 2016

21 responses to “We Us We

  1. Brave, dystopian foray into Flarf futurist double-speak. You are probably aware the Pub is late opening up, at least to my computer.

  2. What if drowning takes you to another world? Like, where the magic is? What if we should just stop fighting it? What if we should start fighting TO drown instead? I’m going where the drownings are. Don’t look for me; I don’t want to be saved. I want to be edged out by myself into the abyss of mist where the real daughters are. You can’t find them unless you are a finder, and you are not a finder unless you are unfound. I know what this means; you don’t have to.

  3. The fills of mouths.
    Unmeat our eat; unfilth

    Very intense and very unusually interesting. It brings out the strength of anger brewing in the background. Word-play of unmeat,unfilth like ‘uninstall’ all bring out the spectacular modern lingo of ever increasing new words.


  4. I love the use of un in your verbs – like uncoal, unmeat, undeny. Also admire this part:

    Be fists of peace. Be guns of love.

    You are stretching our poetic muscles Bjorn. See you !

  5. Interesting indeed. I MISS the lyricism of poetry. This sounds like a robot writing. And I know you’re not. Futurism is daring, like walking on the rim of the universe but what if you lose your footing???

  6. I hear you loud and clear wishing for a sense of we-being before the final tick of the atomic clock – you rose to your own challenge with a BANG not a whimper 😉

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