Yours is my inquest

Fusing for tempests —
are you waiting —
are you baiting
me for sparks?

Am I excused —
for eardrums I’ve bruised —
for willows and wind —
for sorrow and sins?

No, says your stare —
No, tells the flares —
yours is my inquest.

Twerp by Francisco Goya

Twerp by Francisco Goya

Today it’s time for Quadrille again at dVerse. De sparks our muse with the word spark. So let’s get all fiery in 44 words when we open at 3 PM EST.
October 24, 2016

37 responses to “Yours is my inquest

  1. Very fiery indeed…”baiting for sparks”…wow, very risky and bold. The tempest made an appearance in my quadrille too….yikes, must be a universal storm out there.

  2. I had to avoid your post on Facebook so as not to spoil the fun this evening – there’s no choir this week! Is this a play on the Emily Dickinson poem ‘Answer July’? It’s a sparkler of a quadrille! .

  3. Wow. This is really awesome. In/quest is a clever touch. I also like the waiting/baiting rhyme, and the word “bruised” is always a favorite.

  4. Another excellent piece from our favorite firebrand. Nice to be back to reading your output.

  5. Those last three lines… ooh, I suddenly want to read more. There’s so much to this poem than those 44 words. Well done, Bjorn!

  6. Baiting for sparks – something quite familiar around here. 🙂 I tell you, even those kinds of sparks break the doldrums in a day and that is what make them so so attractive.

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