Inked in white

This poem’s inked
    in white

There is time to breathe
with space
b e t w e e n
the words.

This poem’s sylla-
    bled in calm

It’s a palimpsest of nought—
  its thoughts
    are mostly yours.

In space, stars are
    both less
and more than dark.

Words will suffocate
but need   caesuras.

Space is neither white nor dark.

Suprematist Composition: White On White by Kazimir Malevich

Suprematist Composition: White On White by Kazimir Malevich

Today it’s Flash 55 at toads, and Kerry want us to add some thoughts about space. I continued a little with my thoughts on cubism and poetry and let it my 55 word be divided in several distinct thoughts around space, silence and words.As usual for my Saturday writing I will also link up to the Poetry Pantry tomorrow.

October 1, 2016

53 responses to “Inked in white

  1. A meditative and philosophical poem – perhaps prone to elicit labyrinthine contemplations (as space is apt to do) – and yet, rendered with a clarity that is surprising and impactful..

  2. In space…my husband and I were talking about how in space, no one can hear you scream, no one can hear the spacesnips exploding, although in Star Wars, you always can. And you used one of my favorite words: palimpsest. It seems you hit it all in your poem,

  3. “It’s a palimpsest of nought—
    its thoughts
    are mostly yours.”….this reminds me a line of Tagore, “the hue of my consciousness makes the emerald green”…love this approach of looking from various perspectives…

  4. I must confess like others I rushed to the dictionary to check on some of the words which are deftly used in this captivating writing.

  5. Björn you are a b(j)orn cubist – what a fine job you’ve made of describing the space(s) on a page! What a way to go:
    ‘In space, stars are
    both less
    and more than dark.

    Words will suffocate
    but need caesuras.

    Space is neither white nor dark.’

  6. Ah, This is fantastic, Bjorn – it make me poem envious!
    I love the sense of space you have created here and how you have focused on the gaps between things rather than the things themselves.
    It’s a palimpsest of nought—
    its thoughts
    are mostly yours.


  7. So thoughtful and interesting…like notes of music, sometimes words need space in which to resonate…our consciousness will work to connect them well enough and transcend what would seem to be otherwise empty. Very well done.

  8. I like the original and unique way that you looked at space, Bjorn! I like the idea of inhaling / exhaling with space between words!

  9. This is so calming, Bjorn. It conveys the sense space so many of us lack these days. You’re your word choice is masterful, as is the space you create by splitting the syllables of “syllabled” onto two lines. :o)

  10. “It’s a palimpsest of nought—
    its thoughts
    are mostly yours.”

    This is so true after the birth from the artist the rest is left up entirely to the audience. Happy Sunday Bjorn

    much love…

  11. “Inked in “white” makes me think of a wedding dress made of white ink. (Also, I’ve always wanted a white tattoo, but that’s neither here nor there.) So I think this is about allowing space in a relationship for breathing and calming down, maybe when in an argument. (I had a huge fight with my husband yesterday, so I’m sure that’s guiding my reading.) Anyway, if you keep on fighting, verbally, throwing around angry words, you only make it worse. If you take a “time out,” then maybe you can get some perspective and settle the matter more reasonably.

    This is an excellent poem, as you well know. I very much like how you’ve blended in elements of De’s writing style.

  12. For a poem about what isn’t in a poem, this piece was very effective to me. Though I must admit special love for the the lines, “in space starts are more and less dark.” I felt that couplet tied the poem together nicely. Well done Bjorn!!!!

  13. “…Shariputra, form does not differ from emptiness, emptiness does not differ from form. Form itself is emptiness, emptiness itself form.” The Heart Sutra
    You did well with the theme 🙂

  14. Brilliant! and visually and philosophically accurate, at least to this reader. I did think in the spaces, calmly, and then the narrator began to talk to me! Very cool.

  15. Beautifully written Bjorn – I like pace of the writing, it guides me to read it with pause.

    The last line is one of those “wish I had written that” moments. Great title too.

  16. Space is neither white nor dark.

    Very powerful assertion and sets one thinking what space is really like. More so with the most provocative image of empty space!


  17. the poem flows very effortlessly, but i think a lot of thought went into the placement of the spaces and breaks. a work of art in itself. 🙂

  18. I like the idea of linked in white. I do use that technology for things I don’t want people to read, yet they will be accessible for Google to find. I used it in my other blog’s current post, hiding the answer to my quiz. The answer is written in white but will show up when the blank space is high-lighted. That won’t work with this pretty pale green.. You will have to use pale green ink.
    Want to hide from Google and searches? Then “space b e t w e e n
    the (letters within) the words, words like S E X or something we want to not acknowledge being copyrighted material.
    Good thinking (between the lines?), Bjorn. Just plain clever subject matter for a poem.

    • 🙂 Sorry I haven’t returned your comment to my other poem. We left home Saturday for Mrs. Jim’s family reunion in Louisisana at 5:15AM and didn’t return until about nine that night. It was about a 275 drive each way. 25 miles extra for a detour this time.

  19. Love the “thoughts are mostly yours”….and I think how true that every poem in the end becomes what our own thoughts make of it…the pieces and the pauses of it…bkm

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