Mad men making memes

With weight of wet
in wool,
he’s waterlogged
and wrecked;
He’s drawn to depths
and calls for help:
mayday, mayday.

But … important
selfie seconds slips,
and stolen from salvation
his shipwrecked soul;
his life lies wasted for
a hundred hearts
on Instagram;

and likes
on Facebook
beats his breath and
heartbeat IRL:

And afterwards
we blamed, we shamed
the coward crowd
the heartless youths
the journalists
the social media meme men
who acted in the
only way a modern
mad man can, where
action and compassion
is replaced by
revenue of ads.

Head Of A Drowned Man by Theodore Gericault

Head Of A Drowned Man by Theodore Gericault

Kerry wants us to take shipwrecks to modern times at toads, my take on this is that we would probably take pictures and doing memes rather than save the drowning sailors today.

18 responses to “Mad men making memes

  1. This is cutting edge stuff, Bjorn. The excess of alliteration mirrors the hype and hyperbole we are subject to on a daily basis. I’m reading this quite late but I will come back tomorrow when I can study it more closely. Thanks for participating.

    • These lines especially struck me as so apt of today’s sense of what it means to be known and cared for.
      his life lies wasted for
      a hundred hearts
      on Instagram

  2. Bjorn, great point of view, a reflection of the plethora of selfies, filmclips, media mania we are deluged with. Missing, indeed, compassion and discretion, to say the least. Great write!

  3. what we deem important … or real these days. I love the internet … but nothing can compare with a hand, a touch, a smile… conversation and seeing the emotions flit across a face… And I’d rather have two great wonderful friends that 10000 of FB!

  4. I agree with Brian – it also brings cyber bullying to mind as well as the feeling that you have to keep up with social media for fear of missing out on something – life!

  5. what a timely write in our social media driven world – it needs a lot of wisdom to use social media in a wise way – i know of quite some teens who cannot see the shore anymore

  6. What is real, what is not? A pertinent question in our age of hyper-media and constant awareness — that isn’t really an awareness at all, if we are not careful, mindful, watchful — I’m perplexed, chilled — thank you for sharing.

  7. action and compassion
    is replaced by
    revenue of ads.

    How right you are Bjorn! These days money talks. Newsprint and magazines are comparatively expensive with limited coverage. The social media begets big returns through their ads.


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