From Moscow said president Putin
that in Ukraine the soldiers are mutants
and those rebels from Russia have never been sent
they are just volunteers from Tashkent.

Little Green men in Simferopol Airport, 28 February 2014.

Little Green men in Simferopol Airport, 28 February 2014.

Today Gayle want us to write a Clerihaw at dVerse. It’s short rhymed verse AABB with irregular meter that gives a comical effect (mostly about a person). My choice was from the near past and the crisis in Ukraine 2014 which still continue. You might like it or not, but the “little green men” on Crimea where regular Russian soldiers.

September 15, 2016

22 responses to “Volunteers?

  1. I really like the concept of “un-tears.” Like, I love it, actually. I think that’s what makes people tough — forcing themselves to not cry, or to stop crying if they’ve already started. Then I really love what they do instead — get mean, act a fool (i.e., be funny), write kick-ass poetry, etc. The world is too damn emo, if you ask me. If it were just a touch more hilario, maybe I could jump in. But as things are now, I’m just a keep-to-myself kind of gal, to avoid all the drama.

    Oh, and “vol(ley-ball)un-tears,” especially. You can’t bust-ass on the court if you’re sobbing.

    Now I’m thinking of volleying balls. :X

    Also, “mutants” and “rebels” are my favorite types of people. Also Ukrainians.

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