Bicycle by water

The path we follow on bike to work runs very close to water. We chat a little and observe the changes in nature. Every season bring something new, there are ducklings in the water now, and soon it’s time to pick elderflower to brew lemonade. With some sugar and lemons we make concentrate, that keep the taste of summer bloom into winter, when the bay is covered with ice. We bicycle through the groves of ancient oak, and on the fields the grains grow high. Sometimes we meet familiar dogs and greet them as we pass on our way to work.

beams turning its waves
to bejeweled summer-gown —
water remains cold

Picture taking from our daily commute

Picture taking from our daily commute

Today it’s Toni’s turn to host haibun Monday at dVerse. The task is to write a short haibun (one paragraph) about the ordinary, your mornings, or days. Why not your underwear or the selection of clothes?. But the haiku has to be a real one, about nature, seasons and things around us. After all nature is never far away. Today we have holiday in Sweden though so I will not bike to work.

June, 6, 2016

34 responses to “Bicycle by water

  1. My neighbors gave me a bottle of elderflower concentrate. I use it to add to lemonade. It must be wonderful to have the real blossoms to make the concentrate from. I love the pic of your commute every day. National Day? It was today? Next is Mid-summer, I believe. Wonderful haibun and excellent haiku.

  2. I always find that the fragrance of elderflower overwhelms the flavour of it, so perhaps mixing it with lemonade is the way to go!

  3. I wish we had better, more beautiful bike trails around here, or I am just being too picky maybe. Most of the ducks you see around here are a sad sight, because they glide through trash and muckus of the neglected river. I do however detest cars, and I hope bicycle commutes to everywhere will be mandatory in the future, when we snap out of needles rush and pollution.
    “Every season bring something new, there are ducklings now in the water now,” – sorry if I sound nitpicky, I noticed 2 x “now” in here and thought I point it out in case you did not intend it and also did not notice it.

  4. You are so fortunate to have such a beautiful setting to bike through on your way to work, Bjorn? So nice to observe the changes in nature from season to season. Is that you on the bike, Bjorn?

  5. Biking to work sounds wonderful, but for me the ride is too far and along roads not ideal for biking. And I love the idea of saving up the tea concentrate to enjoy a little reminder of summer when the cold days return.

  6. Life is tough for a poets on bikes, right? Smile. Per usual, brother, you rocked the prompt. I love your haiku. We have way too much traffic, & too few bike lanes around here for most to commute to work on a bike; but it sure is nice to know someone can do it. You had me at /a glass of summer/.

  7. I see people commuting to work by bike, smiles ~ Love the sights, smells and that taste of summer bloom ~ Also love the bejeweled summer gown ~

  8. It sounds so pleasant to bicycle to work with your wife along such a scenic route. I like the idea of making a concentrate of “summer” that you can enjoy during your cold months, Bjorn. Beautiful haiku!

  9. The contrast of cold water and summer gown catches my imagination. I must confess to never having elderflower. Cast some seeds to the breeze for us, please!

  10. Biking to work is a most healthy routine. Seen this most ferociously adhered to in Holland. Back home one sweats a lot. It is quite a bother


  11. I am envious of this connection to your surroundings, B. I only feel that way when near water. Your description of your morning ride is wonderful.

  12. Elderflower lemonade – delicious! The atmosphere in your haibun is so relaxed, even when cycling and making lemonade.

  13. The juxtaposition of the cold water to the beaming sun on jewelled nature clearly spells out is only the beginning of summer for you in the north.

  14. That brief period at the end of spring, start of summer is my favourite time of year. Thank you for capturing it so well. I like a splash of elderflower cordial in a gin and tonic – very summery.

  15. Stimulating to bike past water, oaks, and fields on way to work. I never heard of elderflower in lemonade…sounds refreshing!

    • I checked and elderflower syrup is actually available at IKEA:.. 🙂 but it’s easy to make yourself if you have elder growing somewhere… apparently it doesn’t grow if it’s too warm.

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