Love hurts,
love, scars
It burns like ice
it pierces, mars
impairs me, yet
I pick at scabs and try,

I still recall
your warmth,
the way you smiled
when we were young.

Love hurts
love scars
It’s dope and poison
swirled to stars;
it abused me, yet
I stay, barely buoyant

in these empty rooms
still ghosts of you

Memory by Rene Magritte

Memory by Rene Magritte

Today it’s 55 flash with Kerry at toads, and as an addition we can include a few lines from a sad song, from a list. I decided to take a song not on the list. This one moves me to tears as well. I also link this to Poetry Pantry

June 4, 2016

40 responses to “Ghosts

  1. Amen, brudder. Why is it that something that’s become “dope and poison / swirled to stars” has us desperate for more? Beats all of us, I guess.

  2. Right on! The things we are wiling to endure for that bit of warmth. I think we would do it, even if we knew what comes next. Heck, we do it all the time.

  3. This makes me
    want to become
    a wiggling ghost,
    just to make you

    That bust
    has everything
    to do
    with the book
    I’m reading.

  4. Indeed the scars do remain over the years. There is a sadness in this poem, but also the memories of the warmth that once was in those rooms now empty except for the ghosts…. A poignant write, Bjorn.

  5. yet I stay, barely buoyant
    cause in these empty rooms
    still ghosts of you remain.

    Memories may be painful but still not painful enough to obliterate the feelings and yearnings


  6. What a classic song – two words to embrace a trove of heartbreak. Your poem makes the connection between lyric and personal experience quite seamlessly.

  7. warmth still shines in spite of the scars…that is undying love…poignant and beautiful…
    Your link at Poets United is not working. You might check it and put the correct link there.

  8. Love is certainly dope and poison – and yet perhaps it is what keeps us afloat – the quest for it at least…and the hope the one day those rooms maybe filled again and the ghosts settled

  9. If love were only the dope and poison–the addictive elements–we’d strive to break its hold and not secretly/obsessively long to stay. It hurts, O yes, what a song, what a poem! The spirit of experience may be a ghost, but it is of heaven and not of Hell. It tenderizes us, lets us touch mystery, a beautiful pain too many of us fear.

  10. No kidding–you describe it perfectly, and it’s not a feeling that can be turned on and off, but a river that flows within, independent of wish or effort. Perfect song pick.

  11. Picking at scars, knowing that won’t offer any healing, but that real pain is so linked with ghost pleasures that it hardly matters to the speaker that he’s bleeding. Really nice stuff.

  12. Cupid’s arrow can be dangerous but also pierce through our everyday existence. Nice rhythm and expression here. I started to hear J Giles sing in my head.

  13. All that you say is true, but still….love warms, love heals, love opens new worlds…”love is not all, but many a man is making friends with death for lack of it”….Edna St. Vincent Millay.

  14. I like this. Love does hurt. It’s a risk. But, without it we wither. Better to have loved…. Right? Lovely writing Bjorn.

  15. Beautiful and touching poem, Bjorn, your poem itself sounded like a song. I loved this part :”Love hurts
    love scars
    It’s dope and poison
    swirled to stars;”

  16. I really loved this one Bjorn! Love is a battle really and when it doesn’t work out everyone has wounds. I too, have picked at scabs only to face an empty room.

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