Career of dope

The career of dope, starts when you are seven
and ends at twenty-three; C4:d into heaven;
you leave the streets, escapes to promised bliss
to butterfly kalashnikov yourself to martyrdom,
through trails of blood, to dominate the neighborhood
you’ve quenched your hopes, an easy target
for the internet recruiters, you’re the meat of markets,
a vessel for revenge, belted to your bombs
you’ve walked in stench you’ve raped, pogromed;
from streets of hope you found your cause;
in being puppet stringed to maim the infidels.
Your smile was sweet, and you had hopes
for university, before they fast-laned, duped you,
from a wad of cash, to your explosive death.

Night Creatures © Leo Krasner

Night Creatures © Leo Krasner

Marian inspires us with the excellent music by P.J.Harvey at toads, music that can be seen as music journalism, and the song “Community of hope”. This brought me back to a quotation came from an article about the young persons choosing to go to Syria for terrorism: “In these parts terrorism is a career choice among many”. Often it has started with “normal” criminal activities, running errands for dope dealers etc…

June 3, 2016

6 responses to “Career of dope

  1. A chilling read, this fast-paced monologue, with every line delivering a caustic commentary:
    you’re the meat of markets,
    a vessel for revenge….

  2. It seems like Marian’s challenge is a balloon so many sour turns can shadow … at first I thought this was about addicts, but instead of the inward-careening bliss of that, this outward shatter of the violent fist. Maybe same thing. Anyway, a taut and terrifying write, Bjorn. Europe contends with the presence of this terror far more than here in America, where we shadowbox our own shadow.

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