To read a boarding card

Why should you read
a boarding-card?

You know the time,
you’re checked in
and you are early,
or maybe just in time
for breakfast ‘fore they
open to the gates.

You sip your coffee
and to make sure you read
just confirming
SH*T it’s ARN not BMA,
and suddenly you feel
acidity of coffee.

But you can make it still,
by cab,
by credit card to make
the cabbie break the law
by running through security
by trickling sweaty begging but…

The gate is closed,
and you see how slow a plane can leave
if you are left behind.

Why should you read
a boarding-card?


Today we have a guest at dVerse who wants us to write about mistakes. Hopefully there is a silver lining, somewhere, at least we had a good laugh about me going to the wrong airport and missing the flight. Well there are always other flights so it worked OK.

May 31, 2016

24 responses to “To read a boarding card

  1. Oh, no! Hectic! Panic in my stomach!
    Well done — I am feeling quite anxious now!
    (I always read tickets/boarding passes 100 times — driving my family crazy.)

  2. Because in the title you don’t use a hyphen, and in the body of the poem, you do, I think you’re trying to sneak something extra in … maybe the word “bored” … also a stiff board, like one that might be used for building. Also, isn’t “card” a derogatory term, like “cad” or “tool”? Like, “whew, he’s such a card.” Even “wild card.” Also, “CARD” stands for Center for Autism and Related Disabilities. So maybe the speaker has autism and is bored by everyday life because his brain works so differently than people expect him to make it work.

    So to me, the person speaking IS the boarding-card. And he’s asking the world around him, “Why should you read me? Why should you bother to notice me?”

    Oh, “boarding” also describes someone who is living in another’s home/room … as a boarder/renter. So I’m picturing you boarding at this Bed and Breakfast, and in exchange for a room, you’re helping out around the place … here, I think you’re serving four for breakfast.

    “just confirming” = confirming justness (appropriateness, righteousness) … also “con-firming” … firming things up in one way or another

    There’s something important about “when,” too. Maybe that question and it’s answer are important to you. Or maybe it hides “win” … or W hen. 🙂 So I’m smiling over this hen with a W on its head … have you seen Word World? The animals are made of letters. 🙂

    SH*T it’s ARN not BMA” … I like how the asterisk allows me to fill in other vowels than the obvious, creating “shut” or “shot” … and since I like to anagram, I see “Shut, it’s ran … not bam.” Running away instead of hitting.

    Probably because of this: “and suddenly you feel” … Feelings are dangerous and scary.

    “But you can make it still” … This, to me, speaks of being alone, unmoving. Or moving far less. Being quiet(er). “Make it” means “survive,” and also “having sex” … both alone.

    “by cab” morphs into “by abc”

    “acidity” = “acid ditty” … A little song that seems cute, but also burns.

    “by credit card to make” … This makes me wonder how many pro-sty-toots take credit cards. 🙂

    “the cabbie break the law” … also “break the wail” … to make someone stop crying. Maybe she’s going away to make him feel better.

    “by running through security” … also “suck your itty” … Is the girl he’s paying saying it’s small? Hee hee. I’m so stupid. I know this. Maybe “security” is actually “sea cure it … why?” or “seek “You’re It” … why?”

    So that means a couple of things …

    One, why are you really seeking a cure from the sea (a siren, maybe)? Why do you even want a cure? What from? Is it really that bad, the sickness? This makes me think of people who have cancer and decide not to seek treatment (which of course, is what I’d do).

    Two, when you’re playing Hide-and-Seek (a metaphor, perhaps), why are you trying to tag the other person … to touch them and say “You’re It” … to get them to chase you … why? Why are you doing this? Is it really better to be chased, or is it all an illusion? Is there something better, or other, we should be seeking?

    OR, does “security” really say “sea cure it, Y” … meaning that salt, sex, and stretching (yoga) are the greatest healers. I firmly believe this is true.

    “by trickling sweaty begging” … I love this line. But no one should be begging. Only trickly sweating … which reminds me of your running poem from the other day. We should all be running more … literally. Litter ally. That’s a trash friend. The good kind, I hope. I’m a trash friend, always and forever. Trash mouth, I mean. And I treasure the handful of people I’ve known in the course/coarse of my life who’ve let me talk trash and just laugh at me and enjoy my company. There aren’t many well-suited to befriend my bizarre personality.

    This reminds me of that cat video I linked to above: “The gate is closed” … Because her gate is closed, but also because “gato” means “cat.”

    “and you see how slow a plane can leave” … Also a plan. And a pee lane. That’s when you’re waiting in line for the bathroom and the people in front of you are taking forEVER. This only happens to girls, though. Boys are quick.

    “if you are left behind” … This makes me think of the Left Behind series … about behind left behind when Jesus raptures His followers. So then it says, “if you are left behind, why should you read?” And that of course begs the question, what should we do if we’re left behind? That scares me. What should we do now to NOT be left behind?

    Also, this has to do with relationships/breakups and friendships. Like your poem the other day about friends being for only seasons of your life, even when you plan to keep them forever. Sometimes they just drift away, for one reason or a thousand.

    Now that you’ve repeated “a boarding-card” in the last line, I see Hester Prynne and her secret lover. They are A-boarding, and asking each other if the other really cared. Or was it just sexual.

    Or, maybe you just missed your flight. 😛

    • Oh… I really love it with all the double meanings you can find here… boarding can be water-boarding too… and it was close to torture running for the plane you knew you had missed.. 🙂

  3. Very cool! I suspect that if I had jotted down every instance where my failure to read something, had resulted in minor/major inconveniences/disasters, it would probably be a very long list, indeed. But I’m still standing, so, it would seem that – mostly – all’s well that ends well … whether you read, or not.

  4. Oh no…disaster for sure…I hate that when I am in the wrong gate and boarding place….Enjoyed this one Bjorn ~

  5. Have done this, Bjorn, but it was a bus, and only realized it. after I was somewhere, I wasn’t suppose to be. It’s a hard and expensive lesson, to learn.

  6. OMG, Bjorn! To end up at the wrong airport is an awful mistake. Your poem is so calm. I would be panicking big time. At least this mistake had a positive outcome.

  7. The physical tension I experienced with each passing line was palpable. You build the plot so very well & the word play is such fun!

  8. Too funny, Bjorn! I’ve been that taxi driver. Loved getting those calls! Great poem. I saw every bit of it as I read.

  9. I missed a plane to Hawaii once 😦 Trust me when I say I KNOW how true these words are: “The gate is closed,
    and you see how slow a plane can leave
    if you are left behind.”

    S-L-O-W like never before in the known universe S-L-O-W 😛

    Thanks for joining in, Bjorn!

  10. by hook or by crook – loved the tempo of this poem and memorable ” trickling sweaty begging but..”
    you should also read the time and check departure board especially when the plane is leaving from the furthest ever gate

  11. Yikes! I’ve never missed flights or any other mode of travel in this fashion. But I really love how you’ve written it. “…see how slow a plane can leave…”, it puts a vivid image in my head.

  12. I don’t fly often (it’s been over a decade since I’ve been on a plane), so I’m far too paranoid to not read…and reread a dozen times…that boarding card. That being said, I’ll most likely miss my next flight…(whenever that ends up being)

  13. Oh NO! I’ve not yet done that. I’ve nearly missed a flight because (ahem) the person I was travelling with was such an international jet-setter that she didn’t feel the need to go to the gate on time. That did annoy me!
    But yes, we should read our boarding cards… 😉

  14. Oh no. This is one of my worst nightmares and hope it never happens to me. I felt the anxiety through the words of rushing to a flight one was destined to miss. Well written.

  15. “and suddenly you feel
    acidity of coffee.”

    What does an immediate, “Oh crap! How did I screw that up?” feel like? Your description of the coffee captures that dread perfectly. I felt the urgency and dread of your realization. Well-done.

  16. Ooh, poor Bjorn. We did that once with a ferry – read 1500 as 5pm. Then we were locked in the terminal by mistake while waiting for the next ferry. I didn’t realise all the staff had disappeared! It was cold and miserable and rather frightening.

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