Paused enigma

Enigma of my wishes —
a star-breeze
traced in well of eyes.

It’s what’s dwelled
behind a silence-veil,
the space between
one stanza

and the next,

It’s riddle palimpsests
of myths untold.

Yet, your questions are
as moths attracted
to my light
of secrecy.

The Philosopher. Silence. © Nicholas Roerich

The Philosopher. Silence. © Nicholas Roerich

A second Quadrille, 44 words including the word breeze for my own prompt at dVerse. Also linking up to Tuesday platform at toads.

16 responses to “Paused enigma

  1. I love that title. Words like “enigma” and “riddle” always make me think of Jim Carrey’s role as The Riddler in that Batman movie.

    What a beautiful “wishing on a star” poem. You are so creative!

    I really like what you did with the spacing here:
    “the space between
    one stanza

    and the next”

    Very clever. This actually makes me think of going from one girlfriend to the next … being that you set the star up to sound like a human by talking about eyes.

    I think the last stanza is my favorite … where, inside of “secrecy,” I see “seek-reachy” … which easily becomes “seekrieger” (sea creature).

  2. I can’t imagine anything more perfectly poised, words well-chosen and idea so succinctly expressed.

  3. Bjorn, in reading your poetry, one never knows, what new word, you bring forth, to further our education, in the English language, like today’s word: palimpsest. Thank you, for helping us, to better our native language, which, for you, is second or more language that you have already mastered.

  4. This has the lure of mystery – attracted to the light of secrecy..watching out for that zap..I might have to write
    another one these seem like fun to write and read.

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