The mystery of obelisks

On the far side of the moon
in Jurassic shadows, there’s an obelisk
it’s polished black by solar winds;
an orb transmitting blight
to seed this tidal pestilence
inflict lunatic scabs, destroy our minds;
so when they say: “we come in peace”
it’s just from turning off the switch.


Just some writing inspired from a whispered secret. Linking up to toads Open Platform with Kerry, and yes it is inspired by 2001.

14 responses to “The mystery of obelisks

  1. This reminds me of the opening scenes of A Space Odyssey 2001.

    There is something very sinister about the shiny black obelisk.

  2. Nice atmosphere you’ve created with this, no pun intended. It’s wonderfully eerie, with a tease of malice in the cold dark of space.

  3. So agree, with Kerry, about the feeling of Clarke’s 2001, 2010 and 2056 novels, to this poem. Ok, will admit, to being a nerd, when it comes to sf/f books.

  4. The dark side of the moon, indeed! Almost a novel in a few lines – the seeds of one, at least. (As I see others have picked up on too.)

  5. Theme park house? Turn off the switch for reality.
    I like it, Bjorn, even if I did miss on the interpretation. I like figure also, something from your drawing board?

  6. I too, find the obelisk form to be somewhat ominous and sinister – and yet, it is an ancient and enduring shape that (almost always) towers over mere mortals … that is strange, but not a coincidence, I don’t believe. An interesting poem.

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