In maypoled dreams, she waits with eyes alight
for nights of fiddler’s tunes and flowers picked.
Just like Pomona let herself from sleight
of hand be led, she’s longing to be tricked
and changed by solstice music and the hands
she knows will cling around her waist tonight.
Her loins are longing for a bulge of pants
to press against her and to meet the light
of metamorphosis, her change from girl
to woman, saved for this at last she’ll dance
till dusk and dawn are merging she will swirl,
and carried in Vertumnus arms in trance
of maypoled dreams, she’ll let her night be long
and seed seductions in the summer’s songs.

Carl Larsson - Breakfast in the Open

Carl Larsson – Breakfast in the Open

Today Magaly inspires us to write poem inspired by the Maypole at toads. Here in Sweden Maypoles are raised at Midsummer, but I think it’s fair to say they always represent the state of change and metamorphosis. I read in a poetic journal about Vertumnus and Poloma, and the change, and when I saw the girl in the painting by Carl Larsson I couldn’t avoid thinking about the change the dance around a maypole can bring.
April 30, 2016

35 responses to “Metamorphosis

  1. What better to flirt with others at the Maypole and maybe snare a beau who see as much in you as you see in him!

  2. Well, perhaps this is what a maiden thinks or a man at the revels hopes. You have made it luscious in the unity of your poem.

  3. I thought I had already commented on this one; it seems not. A lovely idea to end the April poems with this tale of transition from one phase to the next.

  4. Gosh, Bjorn, you ended NaPoWriMo on a high note with this perfect sonnet. Well done with making it, even though you began a few days late. You have produced may fine poems and i enjoyed reading them.

  5. This reads like a true Romantic verse – i hadn’t really considered the significance of Maypoles..just remember the humiliation of knotted ribbons and grazed knees – one of those strange rituals we continue but don’t fully understand – until someone lights it up in verse – happy Mayday to you

  6. ok, I am caught up in this enchanted sonnet…full of romance and sensuality..I wonder where that dance will take her…Hope the awakening will remain dreamy…

  7. This gives a very seductive and sensual picture of Sweden’s Midsummer! Dreamlike and ethereal writing, Bjorn!

  8. These are my faves:

    “In maypoled dreams, she waits with eyes alight
    for nights of fiddler’s tunes and flowers picked.”

    “she’s longing to be tricked” … If “trick” be used in the other way.

  9. What a beautiful, poetic, romantic yet realistic and talented mind you have Bjorn. It’s wonderful the way you are inspired by what you see and read. This poem is enchanting. I loved reading it.

  10. Nice account, Bjorn. Sensuous too! We only did Maypoles in grade school so not a very erotic scene for us. May Day celebrations of any kind were suspect, unpatriotic, for a bit here, they ‘smelled’ Communist.

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