Cherry makebelief

This cruel morning late in April
when winter’s jaws gnaw flesh.
as concrete morning April winds
hard as tarmac, never fresh
slips underneath his coat.
On hurried Friday footsteps,
spreadsheet past for April
deadlines passed. He doesn’t see
How weighed by rain the
crying cherry trees still create
a sleight of hand, a makebelief
that dismay of April soon will
turn to May.


Today I host the prompt at Real Toads. Just take a picture out the nearest window and extract a poem from the picture in maximum 100 words. Feel free to crosspost to Instagram with the tag #instapoetry

April 29

17 responses to “Cherry makebelief

  1. So love ‘hurried Friday footsteps’ which generate a sense of passing humanity cutting through this inclement, unseasonal weather. So many rich images.

  2. You are right, Bjorn, there is no stopping of the Month of May. She makes magic. I love the sight from your window, it was what I expected by reading your verse. A little green spot in the city is refreshing.
    Thank you too for the prompt, it was invigorating, we will see lots of Spring (except from those down under, theirs will be Fall).

  3. I will echo what others have said above – absorbing images and beautiful language – the way you morphed April into May both chilled and fascinated me — these lines were my favorite:
    “How weighed by rain the
    crying cherry trees still create
    a sleight of hand, a makebelief”
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Crying or not – cherry trees are certainly a ray of hope summer will be here soon. Not sure the days between winter and spring could do without them. This also bespeaks the truth behind “TGIF”! I see I didn’t follow instructions – i used a photo from my Instagram – not out my window. 😛

  5. The cherry trees can be deceiving, seeing them so beautiful we expect the warmth to come right away but it often doesn’t. I enjoyed sharing this Friday morning moment with you 🙂

  6. I love the visual contrast of the buildings and the tree in bloom and the description of make-believe is right on, I think. Well done on the sound play…candy to this poet’s mouth. Thank you, for the challenge, Bjorn!

  7. your cherry trees are beautiful Bjorn, thanks for taking the time to share with us and encouraging us into your sphere of beauty with your prompt today

    Im happy you dropped by my blog today

    much love…

  8. This is such vivid imagery… intensely descriptive: “as concrete morning April winds
    hard as tarmac, never fresh.”

  9. Being a window writer, I feel sad for missing your prompt!
    A lovely snap and token of our presence. It makes me wonder of other poems where observers penned an April soaked wet.

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