Incense of us

The way you sway and muslin cling
on hips is sweet, infatuating
inducing incubus insanity
Come love succumb to me!
Come succubus!

In sense of scent (not innocent)
we’re more of sweat than
perfumed in primrose… still

inhaled your musk inflect
these songs of pheromones,
a poesy,
inflammatory syllables, flamed indecency

this incense of us.

The kiss by Edvard Munch

The kiss by Edvard Munch

Here we are the first day of May, and still feel that a poem per day is needed. 55 words at toads sounds perfect. Kerry wants us to use words starting with the prefix in-.

May 1, 2016

24 responses to “Incense of us

  1. Dayum. This is hot! One of my top five faves of your pieces, for sure!

    I especially love these:
    “The way you sway and muslin cling”
    the second stanza
    “inflammatory syllables, flamed indecency”

  2. inflammatory syllables indeed!

    This is wonderfully passionate, Bjorn. You used so many relevant in- words too. They are quite delectable.

    The Munch painting is perfect.

  3. This is so much fun to read out loud–and I love the indecency you incorporate so well, while keeping it all quite incendiary. ;_)

  4. I too love the delicious heat and sensuality of this. But I am a bit confused about pov unless you mean there to be two speakers (as well as two actors). I thought it was the man speaking, but ‘Come incubus!’ confused me. Surely it is the woman who would say that? (I thought ;’succubus’ was wrongly applied too, but could get my head around that, allowing that the wording might be slightly ambiguous.) Am I being too literal-minded?

  5. I like the logical mythology of this poem, Bjorn, even though I do not know if you intended it and I can connect incubi and succubi primarily to wild inflaming passion. these lore entities are often described as lusting for our mundane wreckage, it was pleasant to read about them turning to one another, fully primordial.

  6. Wonderful: love the classic threads woven – or perhaps, wafting – through this sensual piece. The incubus/succubus edification was interesting.

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