Sevenling: (Bright-eyed Boy)

A bright-eyed boy with
teddy-bear a matchbox car
and a box of crayons.

His father sends a message
to his mistress on an Iphone 6
his V8 engine humming.

   … cost of toys increase with age.

Photo by Seneca Quayle

Photo by Seneca Quayle

A third Sevenling for De at dVerse MTB

April 7, 2017

26 responses to “Sevenling: (Bright-eyed Boy)

  1. I love the first stanza. The rest is just sad. 😦 Women must always remember that they are nothing more than toys, to boys. And that’s why they should get presents. (I feel like we’ve had this conversation before.)

  2. Oh, sometimes the power of poetry is to make you angry 🙂 I really admire you for weaving such powerful tales that make one think and stir up people’s emotions, with a form that seems so complicated to me personally.

  3. Thanks for introducing me to the sevenling. All three of your sevenling poems are wonderful – it’s hard to pick a favorite. I might just give the form a try – though, I can see where it could be very addictive!

  4. Too, too true! I remember, not too long ago, buying myself a toy train set from a pavement vendor. A fellow artist understood and played along. Not that it will take only artists to understand these things. Anyone with a playful soul would.

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