Sevenling: (Diamond)

Diamond bracelet stoned,
as wrapped in silk she lingers
in his penthouse condo.

Iron-cuffed in orange jumpsuit
stretched on chest he watches
a glimpse of sky through bars.

    … both imprisoned, worlds apart

The prisoner by Mykola Yaroshenko

The prisoner by Mykola Yaroshenko

Susie wants us to write poetry about bracelets at toads, and as De has us to write sevenlings on dVerse today as well I was in the mood to write a second one. My 6th Napowrimo poem.

31 responses to “Sevenling: (Diamond)

  1. I’m reading this literally, wondering if she might have done something to get him put into jail.

    I like that inside the word diamond is kind of “die a world” (mundo”). Ooh, moon doe. That’s beautiful. Like a midnight patronus.

    • There’s also a Mundo River in Spain. I think I would like to die a river rather than a world.

  2. Wow! There are so many ways to interpret this. A comparison of two types of prison. Is the bracelet linked to the reason for imprisonment, reflection on a life lost to the seduction of possessing…hmmm..My mind whirls…Thanks so much for writing and sharing in the garden!

  3. Dude. I *just* got that you’re talking about a Penthouse magazine, so his prison is an addiction to pornography. And the girl is only a model. That’s why they’re worlds apart.

    You are a genius!!!

  4. Enjoyed this so much, open to so many interpretations, but then that is what poetry is for. So well done.

  5. Clever write Björn . Sometimes we don’t see our own prison bars…
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  6. This sevenling is even more amazing! It packs a gut punch, I can easily go and call this “The world’s shortest novel”

  7. Shared the same sky yet lived two different worlds… or rather, realities. A sad sevenling, this is. Like what Rosemary said, this could be a novel. 🙂

  8. Ah, the Sevenling..I’ve been wanting to write one. The contrast and similarity incorporated in yours is excellent.

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