A man of stone

Between its ticking motion and the stay
your wailing lingers were resentment sits
in pretentious sports arenas; this display.
of pompous yelp with fabricated wits
a politician gag in schadenfreude fits.
You play along for bread and comedy
but afterwards the demon trickster flits.
You’re left to pay his bills, what tragedy
it is, when curtain’s lifted and your eye
can see his empty suit and how his smart-
ness sublimate; and deceived the voters cry.
Democracy is sacrificed and hearts
were poisoned, you lament and loss and moan
when power’s given to a man of stone.

Ridiculous Portrait (Statue of Liberty) by May Wilson

Ridiculous Portrait (Statue of Liberty) by May Wilson

Gayle run dVerse MTB with a Boute Rime today. Hope you can participate…

March 10

27 responses to “A man of stone

  1. This seems to fit one politician in particular, but works for most politicians in general. I’ve only done one bout rime (on dVerse quite some time ago), but it was a wonderful exercise…and I wouldn’t mind seeing it as a regular feature.

  2. Definitely a poem for these political times! Indeed someone will have to pay the bills after the demon trickster flits!

  3. Bravo, a perfect book end to my KING HARLEQUIN; hard not to gravitate to the dangerous absurdity of our Presidential election. Our poems together form a seamless diatribe.

  4. Yes, it is a perfect bookend to Glenn’s poem today, Bjorn. I’m trying hard not to go crazy thinking of the subject matter that reflects the insanity going on here.

  5. Always a good one from you, Bjorn.
    Great use of the given words.
    I particularly liked
    ‘pompous yelp with fabricated wits’
    small typo were/where L2

  6. …. whne curtain’s lifted and your eye can see his empty suit….makes me think of the Wizard in Oz. Much like a politician 😉

  7. Words of worry about a man I worry about. A man who feeds on and inflates the fears of other… We are doomed!
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  8. That ending couplet just cuts it very sharply ~ I also admire this part:

    You play along for bread and comedy
    but afterwards the demon trickster flits.

    A fantastic political poem Bjorn ~ You pulled all the punches ~

  9. I think I can guess to whom you refer. 😀 (Except the situation is not really funny.)

  10. Some great lines here, Bjorn. I particularly admire the wordcraft in: ‘You play along for bread and comedy
    but afterwards the demon trickster flits.
    ‘when curtain’s lifted and your eye
    can see his empty suit’
    Aren’t most politicians just empty suits – it’s the machinery that works them that scares me.

  11. You and Glen have nailed it….in different ways but just the same.
    Did you ever see the haiku I write just a bit ago? Not for dVerse I don’t think….called Trumpet Swan Not? Take a look.
    This is so very well said……and sadly, the democratic process of people giving voice and voting IS working and somehow thousands are in agreement with this bombastic bigot. I just don’t understand how mongered hate can attract and not repel.

  12. Well, you were trying to go all dark with this, but you messed up with “ticking,” because for me, it immediately became “tickling” and set a playful tone for the piece, whether you like it or not. 🙂

    Because of the way “stay” hangs at the end, I immediately saw “stay of execution” and clothing “stays.” You know, all that tight garb women used to wear to suck everything in (and up). So this is already kind of sexy, just in the first couple of lines. I’m picturing some (im)proper gentleman trying to get frisky with his corseted lady.

    I love this line: “your wailing lingers were resentment sits” … The wailing is good wailing, and I don’t think you meant “where” but rather something like, “your wailing-lingers were resentment-sits.” I think she’s playing with him in mock-refusing him (probably because she saw him flirting with all the other girls all along); so she’s sitting on the floor/bed/couch with her legs criss-crossed. Actually, the “were” means that she WAS trying to fight him off, but now her “resentment-sits” have turned into some very loud theatrics. :X My guess is, she’s given in to him.

    “in pretentious sports arenas; this display” … Ha. I wonder what the audience makes of it all. 🙂

    “a politician gag in schadenfreude fits” … I wonder who’s gagging whom? I love the s-word you used. It really sharpens the poem’s blade.

    “and deceived
    the voters cry” … Let’s make this “V-otters,” just for funsies.

    All that green and the ending word make me think that everyone involved is just giving up and in by smoking dope to get their groove on with whatever the vibe ends up being.

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