Befriending gravity

Touched by
able voices
rationed prospects,
suspect matters
drafted paperworks
liquidated damages
yet unpaid.

Left to choices
with hunger (meant)
I’m nourished le(a)d
befriending gravity

Gravity by Roger Weik

Gravity by Roger Weik

From a list of words given by Michael at toads I came back with a feeling of week spent on legal matters that gravity pulls me towards bed….

March 11, 2016

13 responses to “Befriending gravity

  1. I’m picturing the title saying “B, Friending Gravity.” Like on Facebook. 🙂 I would find Facebooking far more interesting if we could be friends with more forceful … forces.

    The first line is priceless. And I love that there’s a pair of glasses hidden in the “rationed prospects” phrase. Also, an almost-radio. And a guy named Ned. Plus, there’s the Pro.

    So Abel is the opposite of Cain. The nice guys who follow the rules and are always so very sweet and obedient. They’re wrapping you up in love and tenderness … while the ass pecks at you. Is that like a bird’s peak, or are they kisses? Only you and she really know. It’s all still being negotiated, I suppose. The word negotiating is almost Lego-she-ating (eating). So that’s when you settle things by a friendly competition of who can build the biggest/best Lego masterpiece. It’s all in good fun, though. There’s no real winner in Lego-land; they all come crumbling down eventually. But then, there’s the rebuilding. No drafts or plans, though. Yucky and boring.

    “liquidated damages” is my favorite

    I don’t think your “choices” should involve such hard work. Let’s change it to “wore Keds” and go to the park to picnic and fly kites instead. Oh, and the swings and slides are my big-time favorites.

    Hung-er/air … something is always hanging in the air, isn’t it? The tension. The ten shun. Nourish. Isn’t that a shampoo brand? No, it’s makeup. So now you’re wearing makeup, which really, I’m in support of. Like Dalton on American Idol. Eyeliner and a few other touches on men is actually pretty sexy. But I’m kind of a weirdo.

    I love the word “afterwards” because there’s a stay at an asylum hiding inside it. But really, you never leave, now do you?

  2. ‘befriending gravity’makes good sense for there in lies your peace at the end of a stressful week

    Thanks for dropping in to read mine

    Much love…

  3. I also have a spent a week on legal matters, but then I spend every week on legal matters! They definitely can tie you up. Thanks, Bjorn–a very cleverly worded poem. k.

  4. The sounds in this are crisp and interwoven with each other in a dancing sort of way that makes the dryness that they describe even more desiccating–lead befriending gravity sounds serious, even dangerous.As always, a pleasure to read, Bjorn.

  5. There’s a really nice flow and rhythm to this one. I’m enjoying pondering what befriending gravity might entail. To me it seems like a reminder to deal with more earthly things that demand attention.

  6. liquidated damages… yes, you have been mired in the legal muck. hope the gravity works in your favor, and thank you for adding your voice, Bjorn ~

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