Paled, my senses
hibernate —
a hedgehog nested
in my chest
still too late
to rest.

Eternal winter:
iced my eyes
are blessed in cinder,
darkly cried
and streaked with ash.

A northern wind,
voiced in anger —
daringly alone my
hair’s still wild.

This seasick moon.

Vision  by Odilon Redon

Vision by Odilon Redon

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32 responses to “Seasick

  1. I LOVE the wild hair and the hedgehog. Bizarre details like these take poetry up a notch for me. Awesome poem, B.

  2. A hedgehog nested in chest – what an image. Imagining it, the ‘wearer’ must feel it pain, but to me it gives a candid interpretation of how our insides often are: laced with spikes, while we are soft, pink and cute, inside.

  3. Good to put a poetic spin on cabin fever, dislike of how winter sometimes holds us hostage. Do you ski, snowboard, or cross-country? Winter sports have never been my thing. Thank God, for the last several years we’ve had very mild, mostly snowless winters.

  4. One of the best I’ve read. Excellent surreal imagery linked to emotions of time and place.

  5. I feel the northern chill in this poem. Brrr….In the darkest of days I would imagine it would feel like ‘eternal winter.’

  6. Your verses are lovely Bjorn ~ This part specially resonated with me as we are deep in cold winter ~

    Eternal winter:
    iced my eyes
    are blessed in cinder,
    darkly cried
    and streaked with ash.

  7. I hear in this my own disdain with winter cold, though I realize that may not have been what you were going for. The northern winds do seem angry to me and perhaps that is why I dislike them so. Peace, Linda

  8. Some of your images always amaze – hedgehog in ones chest – wow. I can feel that exactly. It seems eternal winter at this point – 70F and Sunny yesterday, tomorrow bitter and snow. That’s March! But it does seem spring is dragging her heels.

  9. I like what you’ve done with the hedgehog in your chest and the senses hibernating. Just reading those opening lines gave me a feeling of discomfort – and then I felt the punch of the second stanza! Great poem, Bjorn 😉

  10. A hedgehog in your chest…and the second stanza an eternal winter iced my eyes…wonderful lines. So glad we don’t have winters like that..sounds painful! Cool or Icy poem!

  11. The hedgehog – whoa, and the eternal winter. This brings to mind how the spirit longing for spring must feel at the height of winter cabin fever. So surreal and yet so felt so real.

  12. Reading this, found myself, looking back, over the weather that February has dropped, at my feet. And find myself, being caked, in ice and snow, with the bitter cold chill, just walking the streets, in Toronto. And yes, I love the imagery that you use, Bjorn.

  13. Acid reflex……..I’ve had that of late……and who knew? It’s a hedgehog in my chest! 🙂 LOVE LOVE this! The poem itself is dark….but anyone who’s had that awful feeling of either heartburn or acid reflex…’s a hedgehog somehow in there!
    Very late to the bar…..Saturday post for me. I’m reading “backwards” with the last posts first…but have to jump to yours and some of my “regular” and wonderful reads.

  14. I don’t know how you make it around to read like you do I am constantly catching up. Lol! Loved the pictures this put in my head it was wonderful and descriptive Bjorn!

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